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Why do we call it “the End of the Pipeline?”


Dear friends of Vine,

If you are with Technical Exchange for Christian Healthcare and were in Tampa FL 3-4 years ago you will remember Woody Woodson pulling that toilet paper tube out of his shirt pocket to demonstrate what Vine International does. He then showed how we pour material aid in the top of the PIPELINE (Knoxville and now other points in the USA) and it comes out in Guatemala. Now that I am here can I tell you that demonstration is a little over simplified. It is a good visual but the reality is so much more.

2 asides — 1 Woody now uses a paper towel tube and 2 he got charged by the hotel about $7 for wasting that original role of toilet paper. I can hear Jim North laughing all the way from Michigan.

The paper work and bureaucracy are mountainous, but we are getting a handle on it. It will be a bit nerve racking when Dennis and Doris leave and are no longer immediately available to help. The language will be a big issue. We are investigating a language school in Guatemala City as part of a combined Baptist/Mennonite seminary that comes highly recommended. This is close enough we can stay in our home and reduce the costs.

I have had my first exercise on the fork lift. There is no way that Cindy will be able to handle this machine. The only power in the power steering unit is my arms. It is going to take some time to be able to safely move it through tight aisles.

I have had a few laughs at Peggy… you should have seen her face when her Tilapia (fish) came to the table with all its body parts. (chuckling still as I write this) We live in such a sheltered life in the USA.

We have helped a couple of ministries that work in the gang sections of the city with products they use for children’s health in the clinics they provide. We have helped another group that works out in the rural highlands in the past week. By email I have been able to bring together people and resources to help a group going to Africa next week.

First container is here but it is a ‘pass through’ to another ministry. The second container arrived in port a couple of days ago and should be in the warehouse mid week next week. We are excited about that one. It will be our first and it has some of our stuff on it.

Please pray for learning the skills needed for this ministry, acquiring the language at two levels -the immediate technical skills (asking directions, being polite, dealing with agents necessary to import containers etc.) and the second level is to be able to speak at the heart level so we can share Jesus with those God puts before us.

In Christ
Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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