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Things are not easy in Guatemala

Anesthesia machine similar to the one in the photo
Anesthesia machine similar to the one in the photo

 Hospital Shalom Matzatenango calls us at Vine International for help – An Excel 210 anesthesia machine has a leak and a team of surgeons coming in 10 days to operate on cleft palates. Need parts, but no way to get them here in time. Welcome to mission medicine!

In the USA pull the machine out of the room and bring in one of many backups. NOT an option for our friends in this Christian Hospital. Pragmatism requires the machine to stay in service. Sooo, unplug the tube from exit port, drop it through a hole in the bottom of the case, find the heaviest hemostat and clamp it during the case. Drive 3 hours home, get on the phone to Jeff Rhinehart at Metropolitan Medical in Asheville NC (wish I had taken that picture of the problem part when I thought of it-too late). HELP!! He agrees to find a used part, God please bless this business that is so generous with us. Now find someone coming to Guatemala soon. Get info to Jeff, my daugters and the person coming. Arrange paperwork in case customs is a problem. Meet them at airport, pick up the part and 6 to 7 hours on the road to make the repair… yes it seems that things are never easy in Guatemala.

But who is complaining, the scenery, the people, tortillas, fried plantains, fresh bananas, flan… sharing Jesus.   Where else would one want to be?

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  1. 05/10/2009 20:58

    We are so proud for what your guys are doing for our Lord Jesus Christ
    We love the Vine International Ministry and we are more than happy to be supporters of this ministry.
    Thank you Lord for the McCutcheon’s and their obedience to your call.
    Keep them safe and always provide for them, filled them with your mighty wisdom and strength. In JESUS our King of king’s and LORD of lord’s
    Your are in our prayers
    The Fulton’s


  2. Mike Jones permalink
    08/10/2009 18:51

    You could create an hit medical missions tv drama series with stories like that that read like a screenplay! Good to get back in touch with you Dennis and Cindy, I will add you to my missionary prayer list!


    • 08/10/2009 22:53

      Thank you Mike for the encouraging words and the blessing of being on your prayer list. Pray especially for an old mind to learn a new language. We will try to update the blog every 2 – 3 weeks.
      In Christ
      Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon


  3. Todd Poor permalink
    15/10/2009 07:19

    Who is that guy i the picture? Just kidding had a interest trip to Mongolia. Do you have skipe(sp)?



    • 15/10/2009 09:35

      I was trying to find a picture of the anesthesia machine in question and “that guy” was always in the way. I have Oovoo not scype. They may be able to cross over I think. Would like to hear about Mongolia. Jim is ill and packing for Congo next week. Lots of thing to pray about. Our love and greetings to Lora and the kids. Missing mine in a big way.


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