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Light of Understanding:

Girl 2 antigua

Not my friend Brewda, but a well lit face don't you think?

I saw Brewda’s face light up with understanding (the act of knowing).  We had exhausted her English and it was clear there was a failure to communicate.  So we tried my Spanish (worse than her English) and we NAILED it.  We laughed like school kids over such a simple thing.

In Guatemala, medical ministries often have access to an English speaker.  However, several that serve the rural regions are led by nationals and do not have that access.  Brewda was being so polite to me.  We both slowed our speech for the other’s benefit (not hard for a southern Appalachian boy, but very difficult for my Latina sister – Ha!).  Here we were at an impasse in collecting simple data for the file Vine International keeps for each ministry.  That is when I tried my modicum of Spanish… and her face lit up with understanding.

If I had suspenders on, my thumbs would have pulled them out – you would have seen pride and a “I did it” kind of expression.  How quick ego like the serpent in the Garden of Eden raises its ugly head.

There is a spiritual metaphor here.  Have you been blessed by God to be present when a lost soul finds salvation in Jesus?  You saw then an even brighter light of understanding.  On that canvas of face, life replaced death, joy wiped away grief, light defeated dark.  A work of the Creator’s Hands took place heart and soul deep, but we are allowed to see visible change when that face lights up.

What I am convicted of this morning:  Since God is infinite and I am finite, is there not room for me to understand something new each day!?!  He is incessantly at work in our lives.  If I know this, should my face not be continually bright?  Moses’ face had to be veiled after being in the presence of God (Exodus 34), because his glowing face struck fear in the hearts of the Israelites (Exodus 34:29-35).  God has allowed us so much more than Moses.  We have Jesus.  Jesus removed the veil between God and man.  So what veils the light on my face, today?

Forgive me LORD for taking Your Glory this morning.  It was You that blessed that moment.  Thank You for attending to our need to communicate.  Remove whatever (my vain pride this morning) veils our faces.  Turn up the Light and use us to attract deceived and dieing souls to You like moths to a flame.  In the Strong Name of Jesus, Amen

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  1. Todd Poor permalink
    26/10/2009 04:52

    Thanks Dennis I needed that.


  2. brenda robinson permalink
    23/12/2009 15:55

    Thanks for the card, been trying to get an email address, I think this blog says you’re home. Hope you didn’t sell the 4 wheel drive! Frankie and DeeAnn ask about Cindy all the time


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