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Things we have learned in Guatemala – fluff piece


We are enjoying Guatemala.  But things ARE different here and it is not just the language and food.  So no deeply spiritual significance, and no complaints (its just the way it is).  Some of you want to know the little details of culture and living here.  In no particular order of importance.

1. One has to squat to shave (unless you are Pastor Billy Osigian) and comb ones hair. All mirrors are set low on the wall, most Guatemalans being shorter than I am.  

2.  If you are going to eat USA chain restaurant food… WAIT (with 2 exceptions) until you are in the USA.  The exceptions – Pizza Hut, the pizza is truly better here than up north.  McDonalds, the food is not noticeably different, BUT the service is outstanding.  You are not disturbing some teenagers agenda to place your order, if not immediately available they will bring it to your table and apologize for the delay, pull out umbrella and meet you at your car in the rain and return you to your car with umbrella, so far (and it has become a game now for me GRIN) I have not been able to make it to the garbage can before one of the waiters takes my tray and clears it for me.  You got to love it. 

3.  Change your oil and filters more often. The driving is harder on vehicles here…     

4.  Let the glow plugs heat up on the Mitzubishi and it startes easier… I have never had a diesel engine before.  

5.  Speaking about starting… there IS a choke on the forklift… it starts so much easier now… The sound you hear is Dennis and Doris Rice laughing in Kansas right now.   

6.  I am not sure that a more gracious people exist than rural Guatemalans.  They are shy and somewhat distant, untrusting at first.  Very similar to my folks at home in Southern Appalachia, once they see that you care….    

7.  The variety of hummingbirds – absolutely fascinating.  I have posted pictures.   

8.  I have learned you can’t fool hummingbirds with plain water in the feeder.  They get  vocal and mean.  Don’t ask.  Again that distant sound is Dennis Rice laughing at me.   

9.  Wash your eggs, vegetables and fruits… no compromise. 

10.  The restaurant experience in one word…. LOUD    Two words Slow and LOUD. 

11. The food is great.   

12.  Taxi cab training in New York City ought to be a prerequisite for driving in Guatemala City for missionaries.  

13.  It takes longer to cook beans – we are at twice the elevation we were at Black Mountain NC and it effects cooking times!    

14.  It can rain so hard and fast that your windshield looks no different with or without wipers.  And it is so loud inside the van you can move your lips and your wife thinks you are really talking to her.   It worked the first time I gave her ear plugs, too.  She loves me anyway.

15.  Email, Magic Jack, Oovoo are such blessings… Internet service in my home town in West Virginia is YEARS behind the service here around Guatemala City.  Verizon, Ma Bell where are you? 

16.  While one CAN teach an old dog new tricks, one cannot teach Cindy to drive a stick shift…. ergo, new car, automatic, watch CNN or Fox World Report… Cindy will be driving in Guatemala, it’s bound to be news.

17.  The Wet Season is hanging on – it has been 5 days since we have seen the sun… much of that time we have been in the clouds… it is beautiful at times, but gets a little depressing after awhile.  Also there is no central heat/air conditioner in the houses here.  The longer you are without the sun the closer the ambient temperature inside matches the ambient temperature outside… 54 degrees this morning! 

Don’t forget to check out the pictures of the hummning birds.  I will probably take them down in another week or two to save space and keep the photos fresh…

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  1. Peggy McCutcheon permalink
    07/11/2009 19:40

    Hee Hee very funny dad…number 16 is definately my favorite


    • 07/11/2009 21:40

      It just proves that all my girls – 5 of them now… have me wrapped around their little fingers.


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