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Even Pagans Express Thanksgiving:


Found while clearing for a coffee plantation Chocola, Guatemala

…in perverse worship to their false deities.  The USA and Christians don’t own the corner on the need to express gratitude and worship.  (one proof that God is real.  In an evolution model these desires have no reason to exist.)  In the USA we have our tradition.  It is corrupted in our public schools since 1963.  Our children can meditate (Hinduism  and Buddhism), and pray to Allah (the moon god of war claimed by a certain man from his pagan neighbors and used as an excuse to destroy all who disagreed with him… hmm).  But we cannot give homage to the Christian God in any way.  Therefore when the original Thanksgiving of the Plymouth pilgrims is taught, they merely thanked the Indians… for three days… after loosing more than half their numbers (52 of the 102 died in the first winter).  14 of 18 mothers died in those months… How thankful would you have been?  We wonder why God wants to puke in Rev. 3:16. 

The pilgrims gratitude was to GOD, period.  The Indians that befriended them were a blessing, even life saving agents of the Hand of God.  We Christians of all peoples should be most grateful.  Cindy and I are thankful to God for the following which/who we believe are blessings and agents from God for the work He has called us to do in Guatemala.

1.) Family and friends, churches and businesses that support us with financial, material and prayer support.

2.) New friends in Guatemala.

3.) The very direct support of the work here from the board members in the USA and Guatemala, the Teheda-Harris family (what a blessing), Desprosa (our legal people).

4.) The challenges of learning a new language and new culture.

5.) Our local churches, Calvary Chapel of Asheville, NC USA and Casa de Libertad (links on the right).

6.) The growth of Association Vine International – Guatemala under the Rice’s and the projects He has allowed us to participate in with a team from Christian Missionary Alliance Church in Boone NC – a. playground for children of mothers incarcerated in a local prison.  b. sewing room for these women to learn a trade.  c. And just today a new project with a national ministry Christo es el Camino, Iglesia Bautista that does a medical clinic in the largest garbage dump in Guatemala City.

7.) For Orphan Resources International and their families, our neighbors at the bodega (warehouse) – whose Thanksgiving Feast we have been invited to, but will have to miss due to a container coming…. now, what’s up with that LORD!?!

8.) I am grateful for my wife and all my 5 children!  My children’s maturity is a factor that released us to come to Guatemala and serve the LORD here.  Especially grateful for my daughters who recently made sure Cindy had more Christmas music than the 5 songs she brought with her in June.  The Muppets 12 Days of Christmas with the late John Denver was getting so annoying… and I had to leave my guns in the states.  There was a point I could have shot all 12 of them!    Yes  and recently these girls took care of our family dog Merlin as his body failed him.  We had him for over 12 years.  He was very jealous of my ladies, ask Jim Linton about his experience knocking on our door.  Thank you Merl for protecting my girls. 

One significant addition to the prayer list for those of you who pray for us.  A pastor friend who ministers in the gang and prison communities has received very threatening phone calls.  He and his family have survived two assassination attempts in their ministry here.  I don’t want to give identifying info here in a public forum like this but please pray for this man.  God promised the gates of hell will NOT prevail and this brother goes at those gates with a spiritual sledge-hammer everyday… he is one of those friends for which we are grateful.

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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