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One of those days, where God demands your attention…


When our youngest daughter was 3 and 4 years old and wanted your undivided attention, she would put her little hands on each side of your face and pull your face into hers, eye to eye, nose to nose…  Choose to believe it or not we  had one of those days with God today.

It began sometime ago when someone unknown to us donated a red motorized wheelchair to Samaritan’s Purse and they put it on the latest container.  I have read the manifests for these containers on more than one occasion and frankly did not see this listed.  We have had almost 20 ministries in the warehouse this week and at least half of them would have taken this.  We are a first come, first serve kind of facility.  If anyone had seen it and asked for it, we would not have refused it.  It has been on a pallet sitting directly in front of the bay doors where every one of the above ministries loaded their vehicles.   It remained there until today.

Two days ago Vivian wrote requesting a motorized wheelchair.  Having read the manifests on more than one occasion I dutifully replied we did not have that particular need but would help with everything else she asked for.  Cindy and I have been working at bringing order out of chaos since the containers arrived on Monday.   At 9:50 this morning we started in on the next pallet and there was this red motorized wheelchair.  I told Cindy someone asked for this – 20 emails and 25 phone calls ago.  I would have to go back and find the email tonight.  I took a couple of e-cylinders and boxes off the pallet… and this white pickup backs up to the door.  We greet each other appropriately, still doesn’t click that this is the person who had made the request.  She goes to the passenger side and says she has brought a friend – “ould we fit her with new crutches?”  Of course we can… Vivian gently whispered,  “this the one I wanted the motorized wheelchair for!  She doesn’t know the LORD and I have been sharing with her how the LORD loves her.”  —  it was along moment before I could speak.  I looked Vivian in the face and said did you pray for this after we emailed a couple of days ago.  She said, “Oh yes and my friends at the orphanage too.”   I took Vivian by the arm, left Patty her friend on those old beat up crutches, and said “You have a story to tell to Patty and to our praying friends and walked her the 10 feet to the shiny red wheelchair.  I got another of the those unforgettable hugs, she sobbed, Cindy and I shed tears of rejoicing…. it was a GOD moment.

As Christians we serve the Only True God.  We serve the Only God capable of answering His children’s prayers.  There is no false god that can do what He can do.  Again like Job, I can only clasp my hand over my mouth, I have nothing to say that can add to a moment like that.  To speak, to try to set it up to take a photo of it is to make it unholy.  

I have tears in my eyes as I write this.  I can think of a hundred little things, even good things that would have kept what happened from happening.  Our friend Patty, 44 y/o who got polio at age 1 and survived, got to see Jesus provide for her in a real way.   A way  was made where there was no way.  Patty saw three people praise their LORD and Redeemer.  She heard the prayers of three for her.  We wait to see what will come of the Holy Spirits work of regeneration.

Of course while we did not get photos of the moment, I could not resist getting photos later.  You should have heard the ladies laugh when I told Patty to be careful that the chair was safety rated for 300 pounds (she only weighs a hundred pounds because of the metal in her leg braces).   The photo file tied to this post at the Smugmug blog can be accessed through this link…   There are photos of our neighbor banana project and photos of some of the ministries in Guatemala hauling valuable goods with them.  They come by trucks of all sizes, cars and even cabs.  It is amazing to see the work the LORD is doing in Guatemala through medical ministries.

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  1. Dave permalink
    07/12/2009 18:21

    Dennis — I have been there for those moments. There’s nothing quite like it. I love your posts; keep ’em coming. I weep with you.

    dave russell


    • 07/12/2009 19:27

      I strongly suspect we will be equally (no multiplied) unable to speak for awhile when we are ushered into the presence of Christ. What a day that will be brother. Thank you for the encouragement. This blog thing is taking off. Praying the LORD will allow it as an avenue to share Jesus as well as what God is doing through Vine International.
      In Christ
      Dennis McCutcheon


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