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Our first break…


from Guatemala and deserved I think.  Vine International set records this year(check out Vine year-end newsletter at and click newsletter tab in tool bar).  The Rices did as much in the first half of this year as all of 2008.  They moved back to Kansas and handed over the reins as smoothly as any ministry could hope for.  Dennis and Doris grew the work in Guatemala and it shows by all the comments we get from medical ministries and orphanages that use Vine services.  We have joked about the number of ministries and how we have to be about to find them all… Ohhh contraire.  Amazingly, new people continue to show up.

We had three containers show up on one day and a fourth in the week after.  Cindy and I are sore and tired.  I will try to put up pictures and tell some more of those stories later.  We are dragging right now.  We shut and locked the warehouse today until the new year.  Tomorrow will be packing day – clothes and  Christmas presents for some special kids who lived through the shock of their parents ‘abandoning them’ as Peggy indelicately puts it.  Seeing Olivia, our granddaughter, and holding her is going to be a precious blessing.  Sitting with the kids and watching West Virginia University beat whoever in the Gator Bowl will be a treat.  

This note is to give you our speaking itinerary.  Sunday 20 Dec we will be speaking at Calvary Chapel of Asheville. We so look forward to worshipping with the “HOME TEAM”.  Possibly that Wednesday we will be in Calvary Chapel of Greenville SC.  The Sunday after Christmas we will enjoy sitting in the pew and hearing Pastor Billy Osigian preach.  Then Monday we will time it so we hit Statesville NC when Carolina Barbecue opens for a couple of Footlong Hotdogs with BBQ slaw, with a side of BBQ sandwich then on to the farm in West Virginia to visit family about three days.  Hope to work on David and DeAnn’s new house, my brother-in-law and sister in Lookout WV.  Back to Asheville and the Gator Bowl with the kids.  First Sunday in the New Year we will share in both morning services at Mountain View Church in Black Mountain.  They started supporting us this year.  This church has a heart for missions in Central America and are doing amazing things in Nicaragua, actively sharing Jesus locally and abroad.  We may speak and share some pictures with Jeff Burns church in Micaville NC one of those Wednesdays that are open.  Jeff sends us emergency medical items and places ambulances in some interesting places.  The Micaville church is his home church. 

We have several things to do.  Cindy has some health related appointments.  We are starting work on residency status in Guatemala and there are a ton of things to do in that regard. 

Remember you can check out several galleries of photos at  Upper right hand corner in a gallery on that blog let’s you start a slide show with pictures at full screen.  It is an awesome site for handling photos.  If you want to use them they have a deal where you and I get $5 off each.  Let me know. 

Also on this blog, you can sign up for an RSS feed over in the right hand column.  It will let you know when there is a new post.  If you start getting that successfully let me know and I will remove your email from the notification list reducing your email by one. <grin>

In closing a Spurgeon quote from his sermon No Room for Christ; “If you will hold your tongue, if you will leave sinners to perish, if you will never endeavor to propagate your faith, if you will silence all witnessing for truth—if, in fact, you will renounce all the attributes of a Christian, if you will cease to be what a Christian must be, then the world will say, “Ah! That is right; this is the religion we like”. But if you will believe, believe firmly, and if you let your belief actuate your life, and if your belief is so precious that you feel compelled to spread it, then at once you will find that there is no room for Christ even in the inn on public sentiment, where everything else is received.”

That sweet baby in the manger died… for you and for me.  Have you made room in your heart for Him?

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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