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I have a good story for you…


But first, we arrived safe and sound at midnight on 16 Dec.  Unload and to bed after a good flight from Guatemala to Knoxville TN.  The rock slide on I-40 added an hour to the ride home.  Casey refused to let her dad drive the car.  “You are not getting a ticket in my car by driving like a guatemalteca your first day back,” she said.  Oh well, I have raised three independant adults from the children that God has blessed me with!  Our boss met us at the plane with our daughters.  It was good to see Woody’s smiling face.

FLASH! Dec. 26 added photos at

NOW we sit snow bound after about 15 inches of snow in last 24 hours(Sat. 19th).  Church is canceled tomorrow.  We will have a good time with the girls here in the house.  We were able to get our computer into the repair shop on the 17th, but it looks like it will be a few days before we can get back to it.  Jeff our computer guru is house bound too.

That story… In August, we met Les Peters, Impact Ministries Field Director in Tactic, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala outside the gate of our language school, talked briefly, passed off the nebulizer he requested. We both have busy schedules and parted on a hand shake.  (Check them out at Les sent a note about the nebulizer.

Impact had a short term team doing a rural medical outreach and Nickie LaSaga from British Columbia gave the following report.  In her words, “The day before the medical team arrived we found 1 small 02 tank and a non re breather mask. We got it hooked up and ready just in case we needed it. The first day it was not required. On the 2nd day a little 4 year old came in. She was waiting heart surgery for a hole in her heart. On this day she was having some trouble breathing. You could hear some wheezes in her chest and could tell that she was struggling for air. We had Ventolin and found a nebulizer. Although the only mask we could find was the non breather adult mask. We managed to makeshift the mask and could give this sick little girl a treatment. Her breathing improved greatly. Knowing it was the only mask at that time, I choose to clean and bleach the mask down and have it ready…just in case. Less then 1 hour later, Rob was hungry and asked around for a granola bar. He was given one from a team member. He thought he had read it well, however he missed the words ‘contains peanuts’. Rob is severely allergic to peanuts. One of the doctors noticed how red he was. Quickly we did the injection of Epi. However his breathing continued to get worse. We quickly remembered the nebulizer mask and the Ventolin. We started the treatment and his breathing improved. We did have to do another treatment and some more medication by injection. However I do believe that this mask, made a difference that day to 2 very special people.”

We praise God for Nicki’s foresight.  Reusing the mask is a common necessity here.  One use – throw away system in the states and Canada is good for reducing disease and lawsuits.  It is expensive and needs a huge supply chain.  Nicki’s foresight is a blessing to two people in this story.  We are exploring ways we can help Impact Ministries do more of what they do.  They are very active in the work of evangelism.

Thank you LORD for orchestrating all the instruments it took to bring this nebulizer and mask to this place where it appears lives were spared.  Help us LORD to bring glory to Your Son, Jesus in this place.  In the strong name of Jesus, Amen!

Photos will have to wait until I return to Guatemala for this story.  With work on the computer I need to do some reprogramming to get photos off camera and onto computer.

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. Dennis and Doris permalink
    24/12/2009 08:43

    Merry Christmas,
    Great blog! Sorry about the pictures! Hope you get your problems fixed soon! We are sitting here waiting for a blizzard to hit. It’s supposed to start this morning. So far, all we’ve received is a lot of wind and icy rain. But when the snow starts, Katie bar the door!
    We are glad that you two are back for a break. God bless!
    Dennis and Doris


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