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A follow up on the wheelchair story…


But first – our time in the snow is coming to an end.  We pack today, talk with a couple of pastors of supporting churches, deal with mail and phone calls, supper with our children (both generations) and plan to be in the airport at 4:30 in the morning.  We would appreciate your prayers in regard to getting through the airport security and not being held up at any point in the process.  I have  ton of photos, but will have to wait until I download the software when back in Guatemala.  Thank you to so many who have given sacrificially in so many ways for our work in 2009, for our stay here the last three weeks – May our LORD return each blessing many times over.

Enjoy Vivian’s note in regard to the wheelchair story:

Vivian Teos of New Life Children’s Home is the star of an earlier post -(see “One of those days where God demands your attention… Dec 5th post).  On that day in addition to the motorized wheelchair from Samaritan’s Purse, Vivian took three wheelchairs donated by Wheels of Hope While I have shortened her note a little, I left it in her words.  Her English is so much better than our Spanish.  It is a joy for Cindy and I to work with these our family in the LORD.

Hi Dennis and Cindy:
Let me share with you how blessed I feel, because I already gave all the wheelchair to the people that need one, is amazing to see God ways and I never imagine that God used me to help people like He did recently,  I gave one of the wheelchair to a man called Alberto, he shines shoes in the central park of Villa Nueva, he is 39 years old and he walks with his hands, his legs are so little that is imposible for him to walk with them,  he is a very poor man, but is a hard worker and you should saw his face when he receive his wheelchair, he was not imagining that, is the first time that he has one! my friend Patty knows him and she was sharing the Lord´s blessings to the needy people that she knows, is like a blessed chain, thank you for being part of this God´s blessings, I hope that now this will bless your lives.  Also, I gave the last wheelchair to our cook Patricia Alvarez, her mother is very sick and old, she did not have a way to transport her to the doctor, because the poor lady can not walk, so I felt so blessed to give her the last wheelchair, my job is done!

Today I receive a visit of a lady that knows Alberto, and she knew that we donated to him a wheelchair, she is wondering if we can get one for her daughter, Anabella Jimenez, she is 21 years old and she has a Syndrome  ( is like polio) and the poor girl is suffering so much, I am sending you her pictures, in case you have one…  I do not know why God is doing this, bringing needy people, but I always said to them, that is God doing everything possible, not me, I am just His servant but I´ll do everything that is my hands to help in the way I can.

Thank you so much, and receive all the blessings from Heaven, know four people, Patty, Manuel, Alberto, and Patricia´s mother will have a blessed Christmas, with a beautiful wheelchairs that God gaves to them, trough all of you in your Ministry, that´s the best gift that we can receive, God´s blessings.

Vivian Teos C.
Public Relations and fundraising
New Life Children’s Home Guatemala

Well Vivian I can tell you why people come to you.  When you share the compassion of Christ as commanded with others, people will seek you out.  No government, no secular work can match what comes from your heart sister.  God has transformed you and designed a work for you to do (Eph 2:10).  Cindy and I are simply a part of that design.  Let our gratitude, our acts of compassion and love point these and others to Christ Jesus.   Thank you Vivian for sharing with us.

I am reminded of an old hymn by Annie J. Flint He Giveth More Grace.  Based on James 4:6a “But he giveth more graces…the last chorus of the song says,

“His love has no limits, His grace has no measure,
His power no boundary known unto men;
For out of His infinite riches in Jesus
He giveth, and giveth, and giveth again..”

Yes we have seen it… He gives and gives and gives again.  Thank You Lord.   In Christ, Dennis and Cindy

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  1. Mike jones permalink
    13/01/2010 13:18

    Great story! Glad to hear you had a nice Christmas with family. God bless you!


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