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Seems each day is bringing a tragedy…


and this post will be simply a request to be in prayer for the following.

1.) 7.0 earthquake in Port au Prince Haiti.  Early reports are of severe destruction, including collapse of hospital in Port au Prince.  There are always short term teams traveling through the capital city.  We have friends Cameron Mayhill and his family and others in country.  It may be sometime before we confirm their safety.  Praying they are OK and know they will jump in and help with relief.

2.) My brother-in-law and sister lost their new home to fire.  As David said, “it’s just stuff and God has a purpose.”  Still it was stuff we as a family have worked on hoping to bless the Bennett’s.  Waiting and watching to see what God brings in all this.

3.) Dear friends Tejeda-Harris’s (Sonia and Momma) here in Guatemala were robbed at gun point of their car and other valuables last week.  We are very grateful to God that these ladies were not harmed physically and praying for the LORD restore their losses.   So glad they are safe.  They are an important part of what happens through Vine International.

That is it for now.  Please join us in prayer for Haiti especially and the other needs.

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