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Haiti project update…and a kid named Joshua


Haiti Project in a word…. FRUSTRATION…It is sometimes frustrating to get things into Guatemala, but it turns out to be so much easier than getting stuff out and to Haiti.  I do not have space or time to share all the avenues we have tried.  All our board members in Guatemala have tried to assist.  Our agents at Tejeda Harris have put in literally two or three work days on the paper work, and I have put in more.  Woody even more than me.  And so many others supporting this project.

Waiting then on the different governmental departments… waiting…. The latest problem is this one office that does not believe we give stuff away!  One prayer for us always is to have the mind of Christ for unique opportunities to share Jesus Christ with others and perhaps even this will become one of those great eternal events.

Hopefully on Monday we will get an important export number… first stage of the process and then be able to get the license to export.  We would deeply appreciate your prayers for the LORD to cut through the red tape.  Or to give me the insight to understand that even the delays, He is in charge of it all.  (Strangling bureaucrats should be an acceptable Olympic sport…OK that is a joke, the Bible says I can’t do that.)

Meantime a pallet of antibiotics and two pallets of latex exam gloves (40,000 pairs of gloves) are awaiting export to Haiti.

Now, another request.  Please pray for a young boy named Joshua who is at Tenwick Hospital in Kenya.  He probably has rhabdomyosarcoma of his right hand and wrist.  A friend, an orthopedic surgeon Dr. Daniel Galat removed the tumor and is waiting confirmation of their local tissue diagnosis.  This is an aggressive cancer in children with high metastasis rates.  I am going to link to the Galat Family Blog and let Dan tell the story… PLEASE BE WARNED, this is a blog that communicates with medical people.  Some of the photos may disturb those who are not used to medical/surgical work. The first set of photos in the Galat blog are of grandparents visit.  Joshua is the subject of second set of photos.

Again pray for little Joshua and his mother.  Then pray for Dr. Daniel Galat, that God gives him the words to counsel this family, the skill to do the difficult thing that needs to be done and as Dan says the battle is the LORD’s at this point.  Thank you to all our prayer warriors.  I will update you and put in some photos when the LORD allows success with the Haiti project.  And will give Joshua updates as Dr. Galat shares in the future.

In Christ

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. 07/02/2010 15:42

    “Heavenky Father, I pray that you cut through all the red tape in order to give Dennis and Cindy the export number theyu need. I pray for Joshua and his mother in Kenya today. I pray for courage, peace and faith in You. I pray that Your will be done. I pray for Dr. Galat. Give him wisdom, strength and faith. I pray that Your will be done in each of these people’s lives, and Your name be glorified. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.”


    • 08/02/2010 07:26

      Thank you Joe, for the prayer. May God our Father richly bless you and your family. In Christ, Dennis


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