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Out the door to Haiti…

Haiti EQ Relief

Pallet of Gloves for Haiti

YEA!  Within a couple of days of the tragic Haiti earthquake, our boss Woody Woodson was at work to see what we could do at Vine International in Knoxville or from here in Guatemala.  As most of our supporters know we work virtually 100% in Guatemala.  In a ten minute conversation we laid out a plan.  We had an excess of a particular chidren’s antibiotic and latex exam gloves in the bodega in San Jose Pinula.

Woody worked on his side to get the funding, transportation and recipients lined up.  While Cindy and I got the pallets in order here in Guatemala…. what happened then, well it was sort of like a good church meeting.  A whole bunch of people got together, each using their talents to push until all the necessary doors opened.   Many of you have been praying for Haiti and us.  We did run into some walls along the way.  For one example, we did not have an “export number.”  We import medical aide to serve the poor here in Guatemala, but have never exported from here.  At each step God provided someone who knew what needed to  be done, and they stood with us shoulder to shoulder to get the job done.

In 2 Cor 4 Paul says, “For all things are for our sakes, so that the grace which is spreading to more and more people may cause the giving of thanks to abound to the glory of God.”  We firmly believe that this act is an act of grace for the people/children of Haiti.  While we are so grateful to all that have helped, we know that God is the One Who provided each of you to us and this project.

Fabiola Cardona with CaribEx is at this writing still bringing the Guatemala documentation to completion along with our dear friends at Tejeda-Harris.  Andrea Teheda- Harris and her sisters are very good at expediting the paper work for our containers and now they are helping us export.  They must get tired of “sign here”, “stamp there” and answering our questions.  On the USA side, Woody has found Jennifer Powell at Bennett International Transport… there must have been about 100 email exchanges 15 -20 phone calls that I know of… hey wait a minute.  Woody started this and then he has been sitting back just watching it all happen.  Andrea, Fabiola and Jennifer, we need to learn how to delegate like Woody does!!!

What seemed so easy to Woody and I about 5 weeks ago, turned out to have its difficulties.  But God has provided us with skilled friends at every turn and every pot hole in the road.  We cannot thank Jennifer, Fabiola and Andrea enough for the hours they have spent on this project.  I know that all of them went beyond the normal business hours to get this done.

As you will see in the photos linked here, we were prepared for the driver and had him loaded and heading back to the airport in seven minutes.  Sort of anticlimactic, except Cindy and I knew the investment that all of us had made to make this project come to completion.  Stay tuned and we hope to give you an update in a few weeks from the Haiti side.

We continue to covet your prayers.

In Christ

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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