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A quick note – couple of requests and updates


First…. Haiti project is once again being held up by paperwork.  Praying that all comes together TODAY, but pallets are sitting in another warehouse at the airport.  We have responded to each roadblock as quickly as possible and our friends mentioned in the last post Andrea, Fabiola and Jennifer continue to press forward with us.  Please pray for this.  I received reports from friends in Haiti and it actually made the news that many medical relief sites are out of antibiotics and it may mean lives or limbs lost.  So continue to pray for this need.

Second… Update on  young Kenyan boy,Joshua from Feb 7th posting.  This quote from the Galat Family blog or go directly to their blog:

“After removing the large mass on Joshua’s wrist, the initial pathology looked like a type of serious childhood cancer. However, after the long three-week wait for the final report from Kijabe hospital, amazingly, the mass was deemed to be a benign fibroma! With the mass removed, hopefully it will never be a problem again, and the latest report is that Joshua is doing very well. Many of you have been praying for Joshua, and this serves as a reminder that Tenwek’s motto still hold true, “We treat, Jesus heals.” Our prayer now is that Joshua grows to become a godly young man with a passion for serving Christ!”

Thank you from the Galats to all who prayed for this young child.  That Tenwek Motto is a good one to remember for all of us in medical care.  Cindy and I echo the Galat’s gratitude.  It is comforting to know we have a faithful prayer crew backing us up.

Third since this is an eclectic note — There is a good article in the Wall Street Journal (link below).  WSJ is not on my reading list but some friends in the medical mission group Technical Exchange for Christian Healthcare, Inc. pointed it out.  It is an excellent article and TECH has been preaching about this for 20 years now.  It will rub some the wrong way.  BUT I have spent much of the last three weeks destroying outdated product and there is so much else that needs to be done.  I will do an article addressing this in some future posting.   The article is dated and probably won’t be available for free for long so read it if interested in helping your mission friends (offered with the utmost of love – grin)

In Christ

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. Al Perkins permalink
    04/03/2010 18:49

    Amen to the WJ article in many ways. I am sure you have oft encountered “junk for Jesus” in donated equipment. And many of us have learned to ask before we leap.


    • 05/03/2010 07:10

      We get junk all the time, but Bruce filters it before it hits the Vine container. When junk gets through those filters it costs to ship it, even if it is a “free donation”. It costs to dispose of it. It takes time to destroy it knowing our trash is searched at least three times (on the street, in the garbage truck, and on the dump) for useful stuff here in Guatemala.
      Technical Exchange for Christian Healthcare, Inc ( is where I first heard, “No Junk for Jesus.” This group of evangelical medical missions works towards improving the donation stream by teaching donors and missionaries proper ways and means of donating material and equipment. By following their principles we have markedly improved our donation stream, tho we are not perfect. Check them out if you do not know them. If you are using medical mission work to share the Truth of Jesus Christ in particular you should check them out and consider joining up.
      In Christ
      Dennis McCutcheon – former board member of TECH


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