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The Bomberos are coming…


Now before you get concerned, bomberos are a good thing.  Think volunteer firemen in rural USA and that is a bombero.  You must roll the “R” in order to get the full effect.  These men and women usually work full time, spend weekends standing on the roads in their villages with a coffee can collecting coins.  We have followed Dennis and Doris Rice’s tradition of giving to these brave volunteers.

It was our day to pay bills and we had spent all morning with one ministry —  seven women from the Children’s Cancer Center on Roosevelt.  They had left.  We were closing the doors when the Bomberos drove up.  We so wanted to leave and do OUR chores.  Cindy looked at me and said, “Did you schedule them for a visit?”  “No,” says I, “Did you?”  We were really ready to go pay bills and then home to do some important work in the office.  Deep sigh.  Polite smile.  Proper greeting – I shake hands and they kiss my wife!!! I think the beard keeps them from kissing me.

Then we were shamed.  These men did not come to get stuff, but to share their gratitude.  They brought apples, great peaches, cheese and sour cream as a gift.  Then they presented a plaque expressing their gratitude.  (Bomberos bearing gifts – photo link – click slide show in upper right corner for full screen view)  The station is splitting up on Caratera El Salvador and they are building a new station in San Jose Pinula to serve the community where our bodega is.  It takes anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes to get from the El Salvador station to San Jose Pinula, so this is a good thing.  Asociacion Vine International Guatemala has helped several rural and particularly poor bombero stations in the past years.

We had a great laugh when Cindy pointed to the cartoonish Dalmation on the plaque flexing his biceps.  The younger bombero Felix then flexed his bicep for Cindy.  Felix is obviously in shape.  She goes, “OOHH MY!” quite loudly and giggles like a school girl.  Everyone cracked up.

We took pictures and gave some gifts of our own – a couple of small oxygen tanks – SOOOO JEFF BURNS we are down to zero again.  If you have extra please send.  Also a good time for some back boards and any thing you can think of for a new station, with ambulance and fire service.  Thanks Jeff.

The graciousness of the common people of Guatemala is a blessing and is humbling.  Lord forgive us for the selfish desire for OUR schedule and let us see YOUR schedule.  Help us to yield to Your Holy Spirit and help us mortify the flesh as Paul teaches in Romans 8:13″ … if you are living according to the flesh, you must die; but if by the Spirit you are putting to death the deeds of the body, you will live.”

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  1. Dennis and Doris permalink
    07/03/2010 12:19

    These things happened to us also! What we found is that the people of Guatemala are one of the most generous, loving people on earth! They aren’t all saved (and that is why we have a presence there) but they still have loving, giving hearts!


  2. 08/03/2010 08:47

    We miss you guys. Your comment is so true.
    Dennis and Cindy


  3. Morning Star Ministry permalink
    13/03/2010 19:02

    This is my favorite part. lol!!

    We had a great laugh when Cindy pointed to the cartoonish Dalmation on the plaque flexing his biceps. The younger bombero Felix then flexed his bicep for Cindy. Felix is obviously in shape. She goes, “OOHH MY!” quite loudly and giggles like a school girl. Everyone cracked up.

    We will continue to pray for Rosario, her family and for all.

    We love you.

    Carl and Christina Fulton


    • 13/03/2010 20:28

      Thank you for your comments and prayers. We saw Rosario today. Waiting til tomorrow before doing an update. They have found NO Fractures… absolutely amazing. Will try to get good information tomorrow and post an update.
      We love you guys and your faithful prayer support and sharing our story is a blessing from heaven.
      In Christ
      Dennis and Cindy


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