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Update from Guatemala…


Hello friends of the ministry and family,

We have been ill for last two weeks and finally getting over it, (we believe). Praise God for Flagyl and Cipro.  We came back from the last visit to the states feeling so rushed.  We could not get in all we needed to do.  Work on our residency status was a little frustrating.  One of the North Carolina state departments we dealt with sent our documents to the wrong address delaying delivery for almost a week… oh well.

We await the arrival this coming Saturday of our daughter Peggy and a team of 14 from home church Calvary Chapel of Asheville, and Calvary Chapel Greenville SC.  They will help do a deep cleaning of the bodega (warehouse) and do a site survey for potential future work, construction and evangelism, at a rural hospital on the Pacific side of Guatemala.

Speaking about the bodega; when we returned I noticed some very bright spots of light on the wall and floor of the warehouse.  Looking up for the source saw that we had holes in our skylights.  There had been a significant hail storm while we were in the states.  From the size of the holes some of these balls of ice were half size of golf balls.  The storm was very localized and caused quit a stir around the bodega.  BUT the LORD is so good.  The skylights except one are all over the aisles and not the shelves.  The one over the shelves did not have holes in it…. so no product was lost due to water damage.  Thank you God.

We are very busy this week stocking up on groceries, paper product for the team and planning.  Orphan Resource International staff are helping us pick up a rented van on Friday and the team on Saturday.  We could not do this project without these dear friends.  So a hearty thanks to the Leamans, Freeds,  Weavers, and Brubakers the Guatemala side of ORI .

Two more things… check back next week as we will add posts/updates of the team working that week in Guatemala.  You can click on the RSS tab and enter your data and notice of any added posts will immediately come to your email account.  Let me know if you do that and I can remove you from the email notice that I send around.

Second thing.  I am going to be lazy and provide links to a couple of articles (first and second) on Missionary Air Group, Inc. website.  MAG used our ability to ship into Guatemala to provide some amazing equipment for the bomberos (volunteer firemen) that cover the major airport in Peten Guatemala.  We received and loaded onto their truck in the first two weeks of December 2009… man those were a couple of busy weeks.  In fact so busy, I did not get photos on our end of this project.  Sean Donnelly President of MAG and Tim Spurrier (Hospital Shalom in Peten) used this opportunity to share Jesus Christ with the community and these amazing volunteers.  We need one more piece of equipment to complete this project and based on recent conversation with Sean we think it is “on its way.”

Vine International works in the background of many ministries in Guatemala providing shipping expertise and support for usually medically related needs.   We continually network with members of Technical Exchange for Christian Healthcare, Inc. and other ministries to expand the ability of Christian medical missions.

Remember to check back next week as we add posts and photos of the Calvary Chapel team at work.

In Christ,  Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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