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Two Calvary Chapels represented on this short term team…


arrived safely and ahead of schedule.  We brought them home, fed them and got settled.  We let the men decide which ones were going to sleep on the floor.  I did not hear any wrestling going on so apparently that was all decided peacefully.

A friend of ours, Ignacio and his family came and shared their testimonies.  It was a very moving night.  We had an awesome time of prayer.  Then this very tired crew went to bed.  It seems everyone slept well.  A good breakfast and then to Spanish speaking church.  Lunch at Pollo Campero and stop at a grocery store to pick up several bags of fruits and vegetables and eggs.  These were taken to Fundo Ninos orphanage where we all held a few orphans, toured the facility and watched as the children demonstrated skills from a karate class they are taking.

We will soon be in bed again and the real work begins tomorrow.  Pray for our container to come tomorrow or Tuesday morning.

Please enjoy photos at our SmugMug account

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  1. Marty Hand permalink
    17/05/2010 07:45

    Nice choice for Lunch.


    • 17/05/2010 15:18

      Yea I always enjoy Pollo Campero. Busy and got to run brother. Appreciate your prayers and support.


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