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Prolonged thunder and NO lightening…


what is up with  that?  Well it turns out the closest active volcano Vulcan Pacaya south of us has blown its top.  Large amounts of lava and ash.  While it is over the horizon enough we cannot see the “fireworks”, we are getting black snow.  The ground is covered, it is building up in the grass.   As you will see in the photos the white top of the balcony wall is black, you can’t tell where our sidewalk ends and the street begins.  I took some photos day before yesterday of the flowers in our front yard and contrast those with the ash on those same flowers this evening.  I will wait til in the morning to take more pictures.  Rain might wash the ash away but we have no fear the this “snow” will melt.  It is big and heavy enough that it sounds like sleet falling outside.

We have a couple of mission teams due to come to the bodega this morning.  I am not sure if it is wise to drive in this stuff and get it in the engines.  Dennis Rice – any sage advice???

Needless to say we are enjoying this celebration of our first anniversary of service with Vine International in Guatemala.  We arrived one year ago on June 1st.  We are planning on taking Wed and Thursday off and meeting with Rogers Hellman to discuss advances with his software project for medical record keeping in the developing world.  I believe his innovative idea will be used to direct limited medical resources where they are needed acutely and save lives and use stressed resources more wisely.  But we will have to see what vulcan Pacaya has in mind over the next few days.

Enjoy the photos – by the way we have had over 7,000 views of the last three albums covering the Calvary Chapel team that was here last week.  Thank you for your interest  and support.

In Christ

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. Jim Moore permalink
    28/05/2010 05:57

    Make sure you don’t breathe this stuff! I was in Washington state just after St. Helena blew. The only good that came of it was saving the fresh ash for making some of the most beautiful pottery you have ever seen.

    We really missed you guys at the TECH conference. It was the best we have ever had. Lots of tears shed for many different reasons.


    • 28/05/2010 06:20

      Just now getting to see in daylight. We cannot see the top of Pacaya but from TV, it was impressive lava event. It is impressive the power… I am in awe of God Who sets our lives in order and remember that Jesus said if the people did not praise Him, “the very stones will cry out.” So far we have not heard of any deaths. I do know that many people evacuated with the clothes on their backs. The only bundle I saw were babies. Praying for those in closer proximity than we are. Got to run brother. We wanted to be at TECH conference so much, but a lot got done here and may have impressed some young hearts. I believe more fruit to come. Bless you Jim and Mary and family.


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