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It’s raining MUD for cryin’ out loud…


No kidding.  This has been such a new experience.  Pacaya is still rumbling – sounds like prolonged thunder occasionally tho!  I told Cindy last night that I had shoveled sand before but this volcano was throwing sand by the train car load over 20 miles… now you got to respect that.

This stuff is heavy and falls out of the atmosphere pretty quick.  It seemed to clear up and one of two ministries wanted to continue  with their pickup today- Salud and Paz who is about 4 hours away and not affected by the volcano.  So I met the missionary Joe Leier that got talked into this trip at the bodega.  (The second group was from in the city less than 30 minutes away and refused to come today – turns out they may have been the brighter of the two groups).  We loaded up without incident and then it started to rain.  A good HARD rain and actually started to clean things up in the San Jose Pinula area… piece of cake.   So I locked up and started home for lunch.  I had cleaned the wipers off so I wouldn’t sand paper finish my windshield.  Good clean rain until I got past that sister kissin’ hairpin turn just above San Jose Pinula.  Then the windshield looked like it got splashed by a truck going through a mudhole, except there had been no truck.  What’s up with this I thought.  Well folks it started raining MUD…with sand in it.  You don’t want to use the wipers as it might scratch the windshield… You do want to at least see the buses, pedestrians tend to get out of the way.  They understand when they can’t see the drivers, it is likely the driver can’t see them…SMILE.   So you go as long as you can and then you turn the wipers on for one swipe, repeat as little as possible.  It was an exciting 10 km… glad I was alone on that drive today.

The sand and grit are in everything, on the porches front and back, in the atrium.  I haven’t seen a humming bird all day.  We have been in communication with friends at Orphan Resource International.  They check up on us and frankly we like that.  Our friends that help with expediting our containers made it to the office this morning but hopefully they are heading home very soon.  They also made a point of checking up on us today.  Plus the paper work is done and container of prenatal vitamins will be here tomorrow or Monday, BIG SCORE for our work in Guatemala.

Our friend and maid Rosario, that was in the pedestrian accident – hit and run almost three months ago was supposed to come to the house today…. Cindy has worked hard so that Rosario would come to a clean house — (and she makes fun of me and some of the things I do before going hunting) isn’t there some humor in there somewhere?  Anyway we wanted so much to see Rosario, but due to the volcano eruption we had to put off our get together.  Disappointed here in that regard.

If you want to see lava flow at Pacaya, go to YouTube and do a search … Pacaya, Guatemala and you will get more hits than you can watch.  For today’s photos around the house, bodega and even got the raining mud shots – those are linked here

We feel and are safe.  Still we appreciate your prayers.  In particular we ask that you pray for the 3 or 4 villages that are literally on Pacaya.  Those people fled their homes leaving all behind.  The only bundles I saw were blankets with babies bound in them.  Times of stress are times for Christians to shine, here we are LORD – shine on and through us.

In Christ

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. 01/06/2010 12:04

    Dennis, So glad to hear that you are surviving the volcano, but are you still safe in the midst of all the flooding? How far away was the huge sinkhole? I’m also concerned about Chris and Donna Mooney and Bethel as well as Brady Green with Young Life there in Guatemala City. Mike Rhea from Rayo de Esperanze is here in Knoxville with us for a couple of weeks, but Karen is still at the ranch up in Rio Dulce. Lots of people in Guatemala we love and care about. We’re praying for you guys.


    • 01/06/2010 12:30

      Hello brother,
      We are safe… first time to the bodega since the rain. Several landslides of a couple tons of earth to roadblocking capacity, but have been cleared between the house and the bodega. As far as I can tell the area around Chris and Donna was harder hit than we were with the rains. I have not heard from them yet, but knowing Chris he is in the thick of it with a shovel. I do not know Brady. We ate supper with Mike Rhea last week and he got out of town the last day before the airport shut down = still is!…You probably have fresher info from Karen with Mike being there. I suspect they did well. The storm was breaking up somewhat by the time it got there. Still lots of rain as I heard of bridges out in Zacapa area south of them. The sinkhole made Drudgereport. Looks Photo Shopped frankly. But have a missionary friend that walked up to about 20 foot of it. He could not see any evidence of the three story building the hole “swallowed”. That is in zone 2 about 15 km from the house. Thank you for covering us with prayer. There is lots to do. In Christ Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon


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