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Father’s Day Two as promised


I would like to tell you how we spent Sunday – Father’s Day in the USA.  On Thursday as you recall we were above 8,000 feet cool and moist in the clouds on the frontier with Mexico.  On this particular Sunday we woke up to 90/90

Sunrise Rio Dulce Guatemala

Sunrise Rio Dulce Guatemala

at 40 feet elevation.  (90 degrees – 90% humidity).  I took a few photos where we stayed in Rio Dulce, caught the sunrise.  Even tho’ I had set the air conditioner on HANG MEAT cold, the electricity had gone out making sleeping an issue ergo the photo of the sunrise.

We boated to the dock, drove to Rayo de Esperanza, where we met Mike and Karen Rhea.  This is a somewhat unique orphanage in that Mike and Karen are building homes on their place to install house parents and take about 8 children per home.  I was introduced to them the first year we started bringing biomedical technicians under the MedEquip Missions banner.  They were doing medical clinics, fighting disease, floods and termites on the river then.  Now they are focused on a unique approach to orphan care.  To put a plug in for them and their needs – are their any believers on this site that can envision caring for 8 children, learning the Spanish language and pouring your life out for Christ in a situation like this?  Get in touch with them, interview, come see what they do and pray what the LORD  would have you do.  These are some of the folks on a very short list of heros I keep.

Back to that Sunday.  Mike drove, that was a blessing in its self.  While he drove I called my dad and wished him a Happy Father’s Day.  Then called my children and let them tell me Happy Father’s Day.  They were eating STEAK and celebrating while I am over a 1000 miles away.  Did I raise them right or what!?!

We drove north for an hour or so and into the back of a village.  We purposely kept the team small.  In this house I did not get a photo of the patient – the more people came the more this child got upset so I left the room and did not dare allow the flash to go off.  Dr. Bruce examined her and Woody and Dick tuned up her wheelchair.  Back in the van and back to Rio Dulce.  We went with Mike and Karen to visit a man who was saved a short time ago in

Dr. Bruce examines pt.

Calvary Chapel on the ranch.  His wife is struggling with diabetes.  Rice and tortillas at almost ever meal is not the best meal plan.   When we took photos at this house we all got a laugh including the patient and her family.  I asked for permission to take photos after Dr. Bruce Allsop had started his exam… wweeellll, the exam stopped and she combed her hair back and fixed it before she gave permission.  Sorry Dr. Bruce for the interruption.  Karen Rhea is taking on the responsibility to help with the diet management and diabetes in this family.  We tried to find another child that is close to the Rhea’s.  But ended up back at the ranch unsuccessful in finding the child.  The uncle found out we were looking and he tracked down his sister and her child and lo and behold they show up at the ranch.  Dr. Bruce examined him in the ranchero, the coolest spot in Rio Dulce.  The day ended back at the motel – all of us thinking about the week that had been.  I think every person involved believes that God is at work in this program.  We will ponder the weeks events, but I can tell you that all were moved by the relative few patients we saw.

(MAJOR PRAYER REQUEST)  I will put together another post because there are children you have yet to hear about, including Hilda a pastors daughter who may get a shunt placed this week depending on her MRI/CT evaluation.  Please pray for Hilda.  She will be evaluated on Thursday by neurosurgeon here in the city and if appropriate operated on Friday or Saturday.  Vine International is taking care of financial needs covering this case.  I will share details early next week when we have a final outcome.  Then at some not too distant point I will share with you this new program it looks like we are either going to start or at least be partners in Casa Visitas (House Calls) or some similar name.

It is going to be a crazy busy week and month.  Jim Moore is coming through for an evening this week.  Roland Elf, the translator and guardian for Hilda will be staying with us for about 5 days late in the week.  Cindy and I need to leave the country mid July to NOT become illegal aliens.  (You pay a daily fine here / heard this week of someone who ignored this and she remains in the country unable to pay the fine and has surrendered her passport so now she can’t leave – and the fine continues to accumulate – interesting.)  We are planning for two small teams in early August as well.  Oh yes the next container will be the 100th for Vine International and we are looking forward to that.  Prepare to celebrate by praising our LORD and Savior and our Father for the amazing providence and blessing He gives.

Thank you for your faithful support in prayer and finances.  Some among you need to pray for yourselves and what God is asking of you – to be a family unit at Rayo de Esperaza or a biomedical technician for Vine International in Guatemala.  Don’t EVER come because Dennis speaks of the need, but don’t ever NOT come if the LORD lays that need on your heart.

In Christ

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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