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Visita Casa… home visits with a doctor


Dick Rutgers and some of his small friends

Dick Rutgers wrote in his blog about praying for a doctor to come and go into rural homes to see the kids that God had brought to his attention.  Woody Woodson the founder and president of Vine International read this and it has been ever on his heart and mind since.  He in turn talked with Dr. Bruce Allsop an “original” board member and he got stoked about this.

So I go to the airport pick up these two guys… have to stop to tell you that Woody as a boss can’t be beat.  When you meet with him in the states, it is over food.  The fellowship and conversation are long and deep.  But I have known from the Rice’s that Woody’s nickname in Guatemala is “Hurricane” Woody.  I found out new techniques in how to pack still another event into a busy schedule.

This was an ‘exploratory’ trip and we all learned from the experience.  We were in some very remote places.  People with handicaps, children in particular really struggle with the most basic issues in daily life in the developing world.  Dick Rutgers, Roland Elf (our translator) and the Rheas in Rio Dulce have developed relationships with families in these remote villages.  Families that allow their handicapped children to live are sometimes shunned by those around them.  These little ones often live in the dark and out of site.  They are not brought out to the large medical mission teams.  We must go to them.  Our friends have been given an eye that sees these dear ones and hearts that desire to intervene.

Another story from that week:  It was our first stop San Francisco, a little highland village between Quetzaltenango and Huehuetenango.  We got stuck, freed the vehicle, and walked the rest of the way to visit two children.  Dick is not a good one to caravan with either in vehicle or walking… he has turbocharger for both means of transportation.  I do not (grin).

I walked through the corn field and into the compound of the home.  Dick was being hugged by Erica, a child with the worst case of icthyosis (rare genetic skin disease) I have ever seen.  As Dick tells the story when he first came to this house, he ‘was lost’ trying to find Christopher’s house, a wheelchair patient.  He turned to leave and saw in a corner behind some boards Erica’s little face trembling in fear and doing her best to hide from him.  It has taken awhile and several visits but she now comes to him all smiles and hugs.  We believe Dick was not lost at all, but put on a different path by the same Lord that talks of leaving the 99 to find the ONE lost lamb.  This shy reclusive young lady now comes to the summer camps and is an active servant to the handicapped children Dick serves.  Because Erica can walk, work and talk in the camp environment she sees herself without handicap.  All of us on this team were impressed with the light in this child’s face and the active care of an over busy mother.   Dick has already prescribed a regimen of skin care that has helped, Dr. Bruce simply tweaked the system a little.  Erica’s sole request was to learn English and Dr. Bruce pulled out a Spanish/English New Testament.  That Bible was held, with obvious respect, by the daughter or the mother the whole time of our visit.

Team praying with Chris and grandmother

We  then went to Christopher’s house. Dick had put him in a motorized chair.  His mother carries him on her back about 1/2 mile from home to where the chair is stored in a garage.  He then wheels himself to school.  Christopher seemed depressed to Dick, and we found out that mom’s back can no longer carry a now pre-teenage son.  He is now house bound.  We gave some advice for some pulmonary findings and Dick is looking for a teacher to come to the house several times a week to teach.  This will cost about 35$ a month in this area of Guatemala.  Dick has now 10 children that he is seeking this kind of sponsorship for.  If any on our list would like to participate email me and I will get you contact info or visit Dick’s website.

Waugh!!! there is still so much to tell.  BUT the gurus of blogging say most folks won’t read more than about 600 words.  I am well past that.  So another post for another time.  Enjoy our photo blog associated with this posting.  Thank you for your prayers and continues support.

In Christ

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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