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Hilda Lopez and Visita Casa program…

Hilda, Roland and mom

Hilda, Roland and mom

“My head has hurt for years,” she said.  Hilda’s speech is slurred and slow.  She looks like she is in pain.  That was yesterday’s visit.  Today 4 hours after surgical placement of cerebral shunt she speaks rapidly, asks and answers questions, her face is relaxed.  She smiles and jokes (I’ll give you a million quetzales, the local coinage, for your cell phone!).  What a difference a day makes, truly.

Roland Elf — he is a star of the last three postings, found Hilda less than a year ago in preparing for a wheelchair give away for Bethel Ministries/Chris and Donna Mooney in that rural region.   After seeing her at this wheelchair benefit Dick Rutgers and Roland wanted a doctor to look at her.  About 8 months passed by.  In the in between time Woody Woodson my boss had read Dick’s generic statement about his desire for a doctor to come with a small team and get into these rural villages and homes.  Plans were made… Hilda’s need came to Roland’s mind and her home was not too far out of the way (only one hole deep enough to crush a tail pipe).  Communication can be intermittent and the family was not told we were coming…  The night before we come Hilda has a dream.  She tells her mom a pastor’s wife with 11 to 14 kids by my count that she (Hilda) saw herself in a mirror with light all around with clouds above her head and a gringo doctor came to see her and all the  pain in her head disappeared.  “That is a nice dream, honey”  the mother’s patent reply.   A couple of hours later Hilda’s dad’s cell phone rings – Roland says, “I have a doctor and his team from the USA with me and we would like to come by.  Is that OK?”

Dr. Bruce Allsop examined Hilda and as Dick and Roland had suspected she has hydrocephalus.  I have not seen a 15 yr old untreated hydrocephalus patient before.  The other thing that happened in that in between time is that Roland found a Guatemalan neurosurgeon who wants to help with some of Dick and Roland’s kids.  All the pieces came together for Hilda about three weeks ago now.  She was found by Roland, Dr Bruce examined, Vine International starts Visita Casa and our first project is to pay the expenses to get the evaluation, hospitalization, Roland’s neurosurgeon friend agrees to do the surgery for free, so Visita Casa will pay for transportation, CT scan, hospital stay and meds while in the hospital.  And today Hilda’s headache is gone and she laughed out loud, called her dad and her sister… and we had tears in our eyes for the joy we got to see before us.  ( photo journal linked here )

Addendum July 14:  When we admitted Hilda 5 days ago she said, “I am ugly.”  Roland did not translate but appropriately disagreed with her.  Today Roland said, “Hilda, you are pretty.”  She girlishly tilted her head and said simply, “Gracias.”  Her face is more relaxed and the headache is gone.  She is talking up a storm.  She said to all of us, “Gracias con toda mi carozon tu todas.”  A southerner’s translation – Thank y’all from the bottom of my pea-pickin’ heart.  Today amidst tears of joy, Hilda went home and left her headache and some new friends behind.

This is we pray the first of many projects for Visita Casa a program of Vine International to send physician’s into rural Guatemala and seek out these lost lambs and help them in the love and name of Christ Jesus.  In regard to costs, we will come in on this project somewhere just shy of $2500.  Untreated Hilda would have very slowly become silent, non responsive to her parents and siblings and would have died.  These patients exist out there and now Hilda’s family will be a light on a hill (Mat. 5)in Guatemala.  Friends, Hilda’s father has just been given enough sermon material for a month of Sunday’s.

Vine International has set up a fund for the operation of Visita Casa and if you are inclined to donate to this project the monies will be used for these patients found by this project and not other Vine projects (containers for example).  Hilda and her family cannot stop thanking us.  We cannot stop telling them it is a gift from God not us.  The staff of Vine International and future Visita Casa teams will guard these precious resources, to bless as many as God will cause to cross our paths.  To make sure your donation is set aside please make the check out to Vine International, but put a note with the check that it is for Visita Casa and send to:

Vine International
P.O. Box 52086
Knoxville Tn 37950

Thank you for supporting what I believe will be an awesome Gospel sharing ministry.

In Christ

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. Lisa Ivins permalink
    16/07/2010 09:47

    Thank you so much for posting the update on Hilda!! What a great God we serve!!! I love that He gave her that dream before everyone showed up. Yay!!!

    Two Rivers Church is covering the cost. Once again, He provides.

    Praying His blessings on you and your family!!


    • 16/07/2010 10:15

      Thank you Lisa and Two Rivers for supporting this work. I believe we are on to something here and that many families will be blessed AND the LORD will be praised. I haven’t been to your church, but have seen your footprints here in Guatemala. Please convey our deepest gratitude and if possible share Hilda’s story with the congregation. In Christ Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon


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