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Praying with wheelchair patient

Always time for prayer

Container 100 is history (click here for photo link).  VC100 was a “pass through” filled with wheelchairs and parts.  Jonie and Friends loaded this 100th container three weeks ago in Shirley, Mass.  (Joni’s Wheels for the World is an excellent evangelism tool – check them out.)  Seaboard Marine provided the container and trucked it to Miami put on a container ship and delivered to Puerto Tomas on the east side of Guatemala.  Woody Woodson did the paper work on the USA end and I did the work here in Guatemala.  It was a pretty smooth event.  Best of all <grin>another ministry got to UNLOAD the wheelchairs.

Ministerio Cristiano Bethel is the receiving ministry.  They fit over 1,000 appropriate patients in wheelchairs all over Guatemala and other countries here in Central America each year!  Vine International has literally shipped in thousands of wheelchairs for Chris Mooney family and crew.  Dick Rutgers (see past Visita Casa posts) is a seating specialist that partners often with Chris in their mobile clinics.  These two men have so many stories.  Please check out their websites.  I tell folks all the time what we DO is simple shipping of materials and maintain a warehouse.  It is hard, inglorious and frankly a little boring at times.   Where the joy and the energy to do the next container comes from is knowing where this stuff goes.  Cindy and I carry pictures in our minds and conversations in our hearts of people that are helped by the friends we serve here in Guatemala and know that some have a secure eternity because of what passes through the hands and across the lips of servants like these.

Chris Mooney wrote this letter of gratitude for our 100th container.

Ministerio Cristiano Bethel, now under the covering of Bethel Ministries International has had the privilege of donating wheelchairs in Guatemala since 1994 when our doors opened to help those with disabilities.   There has been a key player thoughout this time that has generated much help and energy –  that has enabled us to work and serve thousands of Guatemalans that otherwise would not have received help;  Woody, with Vine international.

Today we unloaded yet another container of wheelchairs and in two weeks we will be receiving one more. The blessings just keep rolling in, and I thank God for His faithfulness and how He reaches out to help those in need.

Thousands of wheelchairs have been given out over the years and this year alone it will be apx 855  when we finish with the distributions scheduled for July Wow!  I want you to know that without Vine’s participation this would not have happened. Their willingness to serve others is overwhelming –  each time we ask for their help it is a YES! It is hard for me to express what a joy it has been working with their team;  they without a doubt have gone the extra mile.

I could go on boasting on them, there’s really so much more… vitamins, to mention just one other, but I will stop for now.  I pray that you will never stop helping Vine International and  praying for the ministry that God has called them to do.

They truly are giving all with Love.

Thank you Jesus!!!
Chris Mooney


Bethel Ministries International

Chimaltenango, Guatemala

Vine International is blessed to work shoulder to shoulder with over 100 ministries in Guatemala using medical care to share Jesus Christ.  May Jesus be glorified continually.

In Christ

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. Bodega Bruce permalink
    02/08/2010 10:32

    Great job keeping us informed. THANKS!


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