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Manuela said, “Thanks to God and your friends…”


Manuela and mother washing clothes

Another Visita Casa project completed.  Manuela a friend of Roland Elf our translator for the last project has been sick for weeks.  Their water source is a very contaminated stream.  They use it for cooking, drinking, bathing, and washing clothes.  The trip down to the stream is steep and difficult for her mother and Manuela has a moderate physical handicap as well.  Two weeks ago her mother was attacked on the path to the stream.  So this water project went to the top of Roland’s “Things to do List”.  He has researched local potable water source and what it would cost for pila (see photos), pipe, labor and contract with owner of water source.  It came to 6,000 Quetzali’s ($750).  This is a number that Manuela’s little family could never come up with.  So Roland announced the need among his circle of friends.

Visita Casa/Vine International took this on for this family.  It is distinctly a health issue so falls under our umbrella.  I volunteered our team of Marty Hand and Mike Davis to come and dig ditch and do the plumbing.  (I was going to be trip photographer, prayer support and shovel sharpener -wicked smile).  But as often the case, the labor is cheap and we would have lost two or three days of this teams time to do the project.  So local labor was engaged, helping the local economy in more ways than just potable water.

As you will see in Roland’s photos, contract was  drawn up and “signed”, pila purchased, ditch dug, pipe laid.  Pilas are the family washing machine, bath tub, dish washing area, food cleaning area – so there is a proper etiquette about keeping clean water from getting contaminated.  If you have never washed at a pila, I encourage you to watch an experienced person.  If you contaminate the clean water source you will create a lot of work, possibly expense for the family you are visiting.

We pass on Manuela’s families gratitude and Roland’s too.  From the Vine group we thank you for your continued support.  Please look at the photo’s to see what you have done. Roland this time is the photographer as we could not attend the opening ceremony – Manuela washing her hair – YEA!!!!  His letter is quoted below:

“Hi Dennis, here is my Manuela Water album updated with more photos. She said yesterday Thanks to God and your friends for the water to my home. Today she washed all day she said and also bathing. It is so clean that one can even drink it! No more dirty river for Manuela and her family. More soon on Manuela and her family and more. God bless you Roland”

Please keep us in your prayers.  Two trips to the Pacific side of Guatemala in the next two weeks.  Two containers due in.  Casey and Peggy will be here for a week beginning Thursday and then the following week a biomedical technician, Marty Hand and a contractor Mike Davis are here.  Both men are personal friends and friends of the ministry.  We hope to tire both teams out.

In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon = photo album can be viewed by clicking mouse button on red highlighted words or the photo in posting above.

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