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Second “Team” in two weeks…


Both Marty Hand a biomedical technician and Mike Davis a contractor have been here before.  I picked them up on

Banks were grass covered the week before!

Saturday at the airport in Guatemala City.  It took over 5 hours to drive 135 miles.  The first two hours were stop and barely go in Guatemala City traffic.  The last several miles was the tumulo (speed bumps)and pot hole shuffle.  We spent the first two nights at Clinica Ezell near Chicacao.Evidence of flooding of recent weeks was everywhere.  The change was dramatic from our visit last week.  It had flooded cutting them off from outside world for a couple of days.  Tons of sand and debris were dumped on either side while the bridge itself had been covered by as much as three feet of water.

Sunday, we worked on several items, most important a Zeiss Surgical Microscope that has frustrated us for months. (Photo Album linked here)  Marty spent several hours on this unit.  We will need manual and wiring diagram, which to date we have not been able to find tho’ several hours have been spent trying to do so by several friends.  Mike helped break down another scope that had a bent post and he fixed my glasses with a safety pin from Marty’s sock…Don’t ask, I didn’t.  These two McGyvers have been cracking me up.  (I came home with the safety pin holding my glasses together and Cindy says, “that is SO West Virginia!”  What does that mean?)

Monday, we worked at Hospital Santa Fe in Chocola and had lunch with Dr. Sergio and Veronica Castillo.  Veronica,  last weekend, was in the throws of Dengue Fever.  Her father passed away about 5 days before we came.  Marty and I worked on an anesthesia machine.  Casey had diagnosed the problem last week, we called Metropolitan Medical  and ordered the appropriate part.  They overnighted it to Marty in Alabama.  An anesthesia machine in an evangelical Christian hospital in rural Guatemala used for life saving C-sections was fixed and ready to go again.  Thank you Metropolitan Medical Services of NC for your support.

Tuesday was one of the bodega days.  Mike organized my tools again as I am great at disorganizing (sorry Sam),

Red Toaster bought the farm.

measured one of the surgical lights we plan to put in Hospital Santa Fe (Dr. Sergio Castillo) tentatively in January 2011 and helped with a couple of other projects.  Marty took over our biomed shop and worked mostly on autoclaves on this day, except for the brief time spent with Cindy’s red toaster (we had to shoot it and put it out of its misery).  We had a great meeting with Jackie Cunning from Calvary Chapel Central Bucks (I believe) and her national team.  They are working with nationals in churches, orphanages and dental/medical in rural Guatemala starting in the San Marcos (western highlands).  Vine International keeps adding folks to share the resources our supporters give us.

Wednesday is Hospital Christiano de Llano in San Ramundo, northwest of Guatemala City.  Mike adds a GPS application to his Blackberry and starts following our progress.  We had to park for about 15 minutes due to a landslide being cleared from the road, but we make it an hour and a half late.  I introduced the guys to Joy Gring who directs the program in San Ramundo.  Marty started working on equipment.  Mike went with Joy to discuss some carpentry projects.  We ate a typical lunch, soup, rice, meat, and vegetables some that were new to Mike and Marty.  Mike found the hot stuff, too.  For a brief time it looked like he was having trouble breathing.  The old Ohio Infant Incubator will need to be replaced… other issues to deal with equipment wise were identified.  The experience reinforces our vision of a full time biomedical technician as a partner in Vine International ministry. Mike believes we can build benches and do much needed cabinetry the same week we install TWO surgical lights for Sergio Castillo and Hospital Santa Fe.  We had an exciting ride back with Mike checking out the detailed grill work on buses coming the other direction on occasions (grin.  When he tells the story Community Chapel, it was not near that close I assure you.).

I have to tell this on Mike…we were returning from this days work.  I KNOW where I am going but Mike is telling me where to turn.  He says, “Coming up you need to turn left.”  I know that is wrong, turn right and see Mike turn his Blackberry 180 degrees in his hands. (Pastor Rit does this brother read his Bible upside down???)

Thursday started very early – to the bodega, empty the van of tools and testing equipment and load 30 cases of prenatal vitamins and 10 walkers.  We met Jackie Cunning and her national team for breakfast in Santo Domingo hotel in Antigua.  Hector came with us and we transferred to medical material to his little car (see photos) and he left with two walkers hanging out his passenger window.   We toured and shopped in Antigua in the afternoon.  I took the “boys” back down to an overlook and we photographed the city after dark.  Guatemala City is impressive on clear nights.

Friday, another bodega day.  Marty worked on an electrical surgical unit and autoclaves.  Mike helped me open and remove the plywood on 15 pallets for Hospital Christiano in San Raymundo.  They will come pick up on Monday and what Mike and Marty did cut several hours off the project on Monday.  Back to the house, clean up and met with Pastor Ignacio ‘Nacho’, Sandra Sanchez and their two children.  Community Chapel folks from Greenville SC gave a timely financial donation to this family/ministry; Cindy and I were moved to tears.  They literally live from day to day and are such an example of lived out faith to us.  You know who you are, accept our eternal gratitude for this precious gift.

Saturday, fried taters, scrambled eggs and apple bread, make sure the boys have their passports.  Walk through to make sure Mike hasn’t left his phone again – into the van and to the airport.  The last two weeks (Casey and Peggy, Marty and Mike) have been a whirlwind of activity.  While we “rag and brag” on the food, let it be known much work was accomplished, much important planning for future work has been completed.  Cindy and I look forward to serving with these, family and friends of the ministry and brothers in the LORD in the future.  (Photo Album)

In Christ

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. Dennis and Doris permalink
    22/08/2010 06:16

    You guys are amazing! God bless you!


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