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MAP was here!…


Thanks MAP and Shionogi

No we are not lost.  MAP is the acronym for Medical Assistance Program out of Brunswick GA.  They do a number of things (check out their website   They are handsdown our largest contributor of medicines for those we serve in Guatemala.  I am frankly uncomfortable when we use dollars to “keep score”, but this ministry has given product valued in the multiple millions of dollars in the last three years through Vine International.

Michael Nyenhuis came for the specific purpose of checking out the prenatal vitamin program.  MAP has a corporate sponsor that manufactures an excellent prenatal vitamin and graciously Shionogi and MAP sent us a container full… which Cindy and I unloaded alone in the dark about 8 weeks ago.  Michael had an awesome group of staff and volunteers passionate about procurement to packing and we are the blessed beneficiaries here in Guatemala. 

Now I am going to ask you to jump over to Michael’s blog and read his postings for the last four days.  I am tired frankly.  I will do

prenatal vitamins this time

 another blog and show you a few scenes of the driving I have been doing for this team the last few days.  But between the team and the major computer crash that I am still recovering from and two containers that are being particularly difficult, I am far behind.  So please go to Michael’s Sept. 19-21 daily posts ( and you will be blessed.  For you who support us, you are part of this project too.  We will help prevent spina bifida, cleft lips and palates and deliver healthier babies in rural Guatemala because of this project.  Thank you for sticking with us.  More to come.

Those of you who get the notice of this, please share with our friends and family.  I have lost all data bases at this point. 

Michael and family, I want to thank you so much for coming – I am particularly grateful for your wife and daughter sharing you with us brother, especially this week.   

In Christ

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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