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The Capital of the World…


That is right we were in “The Capital of the World” this past weekend.  That is what citizen’s of Retalhuleu call their fair city.  Rehu (Ray-oo) for short and also because Cindy and I don’t pronounce Retalhuleu the same two times in a row!!!  We counted this trip as project development.  Our friends, the Sanchez family talked us into getting up at 2:oo in the morning, picking them up at 3:30 and leaving the comfortable temperatures of Guatemala City for the Pacific Coastal plains.  The project is DAR orphanage in Ocosito section of Rehu.  The orphanage is surrounded by rubber tree plantation.  This facility is being prepped to receive infants, babies and preschool orphans in Jan. 2011.

Lourdes Ralda de Morotaya, center director and founder is not letting grass grow under her feet.  She desires to serve children in a number of capacities and is using the facility already as an after school care facility and feeds about 55 children in the vicinity and well-balanced lunch.  Initial reaction to the food was humorous.  Since it wasn’t beans, rice and tortillas they weren’t impressed.   The facility is brightly painted, very clean.  Cindy, the Sanchez’s and I helped unload a supply truck, put together furniture, shelves and organize stock in the kitchen.  I am impressed with the planning and the future plans.

A team is coming in February to build a playground.  Vine International has committed to supplying the clinic that is going to be in the compound.  Lourdes is devoted to supporting the health needs of the local children as well as those entrusted to her care in the orphanage.

We hosted and spoke to local evangelical pastors about support of orphans.  This is a clear desire on the heart of God as seen in the Scriptures in passages like Exodus 22:22-24, James 1:27.  Jesus promised in Jn 14:18 to not leave us as orphans.  This is an easy project to get involved in.

We also attended late Saturday evening a meeting of local business men.  One of the top ten contestants in Miss Universe pageant was Miss Guatemala 2010 Jessica Schel.  Jessica challenged the crowd to support DAR and apparently with some success from what we have heard.  Her visit to the orphanage that day is the lead article on the local news website The article is in Spanish but look at the pictures for Sun. 10.10.2011.  Jessica is pictured in the rooms at the orphanage with some of the local kids in the current after school program.

That Saturday was a very long day.  We collapsed into our hotel beds that night.  Were treated to a wonderful typical breakfast by our hosts.  They made this pineapple mint drink for breakfast.  I have the recipe and I will sell it to you… heh heh heh.  It involves a very ripe, frozen pineapple, fresh mint, a long spin in a blender, a little sugar… mmm – mmm.  Sunday it was back to the orphanage and do as much as we could, timing departure to make it back to Guatemala City at dark… what a weekend.  We look forward to what God has started here.  We believe that something great even beyond what Lourdes envisions will occur.

Cindy and I thank you for your continued support so we can do this awesome work.  Remember the photos are linked in red letters

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  1. Michelle Clemens permalink
    12/10/2010 07:36

    Great pics, Dennis. I do want some of that pineapple drink… and I can’t wait to see the orphanage & the children!


    • 12/10/2010 07:56

      I so look forward to working with you and Jim and any one y’all bring. This will be getting you and your church on the ground floor of a project that will have needs for years to come. I pray that it is a match and that instead of in, out and gone, we can develop life long relationships with these kids and staff. Then effectively and meaningfully share Jesus Christ in a way that becomes ETERNAL. We will make it a point to meet in December. Dennis and Cindy


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