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Little man, BIG GOD….


Pastor Julio Chuta

Pastor Julio Chuta always has this big smile on his face.  Nina Jorgenson calls on him when she comes to the warehouse for medical supplies because he has this old white van and is not afraid to use it.  Her work through Proyecto Vamos Adelante in the Escuintla region of Guatemala is one of the hardest hit areas during this rainy season.  Last year we had a serious drought and this year corn “drowned” in the fields.  Roads and bridges are washed away, several people lost their lives, many more their homes.  Respiratory and fungal infections are rampant.  There are reports of kids being fed coffee and a little sugar and that is all there is to eat.

The medicines, assistive devices (i.e. canes, crutches, wheelchairs) and other medical supplies are coveted and frankly are used faster than we can supply them.   As I understand it Pastor Julio is not a direct part of Nina’s work but seems to always say yes when she asks for help.  What that means for Cindy and I is we get to see this huge smile and get one of the most aggressive handshakes and hugs given in all of Guatemala.  Nina has been in the bodega (warehouse in Guatemala) I think 4 times since we have been here and each time Pastor Julio Chuta brings one or two young men and this white van.  Nina and Cindy “go shopping” (that is collecting what ever Nina wants – we do not charge for the aid we give) and we boys load it on the truck.  Cindy and I just shake our heads.  I watch the springs on the back wheels reverse their curve and we caution Nina about too much, but the need is so great and getting here and back so hard….  so we keep throwing it on.  We know it will be used for good.

It has been busy but on this day we seemed to have a bit of a slow down and I started asking about Julio and his past.  He is a pastor.   He is always a joy to be around.  Wanting to know more about him, I asked him to tell me about himself with Nina translating.  Julio several years ago was a very big man weighing 300 pounds.  He started becoming ill, eventually having 7 major diseases and health issues at one time.  He dropped to 9o pounds and if I understand correctly believed life was going to be short.  He prayed to receive Jesus Christ and promised in the time left to share the gospel of Christ and to never take pay to do so… now here he stands 30 years later.  The congregation that God has given him numbers over 4,000 and he continues to preach without taking a dime from the church.  May Vine International continue to fill your van Pastor Julio and may it never bust a spring brother!!!

Later the same day, our friend Vivian Teos came for New Life Children’s Home.  They have a medical out reach in their community and they brought their van.  Vivian is the one that brought Patty (see archive story 5/9/2009 “One of those days, where God demands your attention”).  It is always a joy to see this sister in the LORD.  She reported how she recently went to South Korea working with Christian community there to support ministry here in Guatemala.  Like Nina, Vivian knows how to shop and she usually manages to fill the van pretty well herself.  We hope to, perhaps before Christmas to gosee their work and see Patty again.  The materials that go with Vivian are always used as a medium through which the Gospel is shared.

Just to let you know how quickly these materials go:  the last two containers took three weeks to get through customs ( unusually long and frustrating) and in just under two weeks the medicine container from MAP – Medical Assistance Program is 96% delivered.  The container from Wheels of Hope in Ohio with wheelchairs etc… well, the wheelchairs, canes, and crutches are gone.  100% gone.  There are less than 10 walkers left, a few rollaters (rolling walkers) commode chairs and shower chairs remain.  That container is 85% delivered to the community we serve here in Guatemala.  Jeff Burns a brother in the LORD from North Carolina always said, “We don’t like to have birthdays for this stuff!”   Well brother Jeff, this stuff ain’t even going to collect dust.

We are grateful for your continued support.  Photos or ministry websites are linked in red letters in the text above.

In Christ – Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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