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Another record year…


Cindy had a break between clients at the warehouse.  She never can sit and do nothing.  So she started counting the visits this year to

Cindy buried in outgoing donation

the warehouse and the containers that have come in….  A couple of weeks ago we matched our stats for the year 2009 and we still have almost a quarter of a year to go.  I think since Dennis and Doris Rice came on the Vine team and managed the Guatemalan warehouse side of the equation i.e. “The End of the Pipeline”  Vine International’s capacity to serve medical missions has expanded annually.

Woody Woodson and this team, the Whites in the warehouse in Knoxville, the McCutcheons on this end, do an amazing amount of work.  With all the documentation demanded to ship ONE container, I stand amazed at what gets done.  Bruce in Knoxville is the right guy in the right place… I know Woody doesn’t want me up there.  I would just throw those boxes in after the first two pallets, but Bruce has the nature to check and confirm the lists for each donation, each little box.  This is important.  When customs checks they need to see that box x contents matches what is listed.  There are literally thousands of boxes on each container and Bruce stages usually 6 or more a year from the Knoxville warehouse.  An accurate list of contents is generated, forms requesting a container to pickup, drivers, fuel, shipping from port landing in one of three Guatemalan ports, trucking on this end, getting through the customs process, Bill of Lading, sealing the container, if medicines are part of the load a whole other set of documents and fees ensues…you are starting to get the picture.

We staged containers from Wheels of Hope in Canton Ohio, Joni and Friends in California (various prison refurbishing facilities), Hope Haven in Vancouver Canada, Shalom Foundation in Nashville TN, MAP in Brunswick Georgia, Samaritan’s Purse in Boone NC, Bethel Ministries in Louisville KY, and are actively looking into a connection in Europe.  We are very grateful to be able to lock arms with these ministries for the work here in Guatemala.  I believe this growth in a down turned economy is a sign of God’s grace and hand upon this ministry.  Woody chose the name of VINE out of John 15.  Jesus is the Vine, we are mere branches and our prime task is simply to ABIDE in the Vine.  What we do in the physical realm is a taste, a picture of what is happening in the spiritual realm.  Christ sought us out, called us by name, asked us to walk with Him and He gives faith, strength and causes us to “bear fruit.”

Is it all peace and prosperity… no.  The computer crashed and all data lost.  We miss our family, the get togethers, being there for the news that dad has cancer, the birthdays.  The budget, both for personal needs and running the ministry is always close.  Are we complaining when you read those things… again NO!  Go back to the word ABIDE.  Daily, what we do here is a demonstration of that being held by the VINE, lifted up by one stronger than we.  Our needs are being fed moment by moment by the provision that flows through the veins of the VINE  to and through us the branches.  We are weak and must be lifted up by Another.  Read John 15 and ask God to give you an understanding of what that ABIDE word means in your life.  How is God demonstrating Himself as husbandman and Christ as Vine in your days?  It would be encouraging to hear from some of you just what comes of that devotion time.

Dennis and nurses from Cancer Center for Children. 60+ in patients and 200+ outpatients per day. The only facility of its kind in Guatemala

We are so grateful for your continued support, record breaking effects of this ministry that God has called us to, and your prayers.

Keep my dad (and mom) in your prayers.  We have received recent diagnosis of multiple myeloma and chemo therapy starts this week.  I am starting to re-enter all the contact data of the ministries we serve (it took three weeks last time).  Frustrating, but we will do it.  Have lost all pictures from last year and a half, please pray that Scott and Mary can resurrect that hard drive.  (may I encourage y’all to back up your computers??)  We have a granddaughter Olivia turning 4 y/o next week.  We are beginning plans to get some family time in around Christmas.   All four of our children are working too hard it seems. Casey is in the midst of significant job change issues. It is a blessing to have jobs and be able to go to school in Peggy’s case.

May the truth of ABIDE in the VINE grow on you, so that in your storms you will know the HE has hold of you in such a way that you can turn loose and never be lost.

In Christ

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. 27/10/2010 11:45

    I am getting a lesson in the word “Abide” as we have stepped out to start a church in Hendersonville. It’s very easy to strive in our flesh to get the ministry up and running, and we are able to do a lot in our flesh. However, those things that are done in the flesh come to nothing and only the things of God remain so the best thing that we can do is to “abide in the Vine,” and allow Him to do His work through us.

    Thank you for the reminder and I pray for you, your dad & mom, your family, your ministry, and I thank God that you are there to show the love of Jesus to our brothers and sisters in Guatemala.

    Your brother in Christ,


    • 27/10/2010 16:59

      Thanks Jon for the reply. If you can think of anyway I can help while I am home please let me know. We are flying in Dec 14th and out Jan 7th I think… Need to spend some time in WV with my dad – probably week before or week after Christmas. Thanks for covering us in prayer. In Christ Dennis


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