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Please read Dick Rutgers and Pat Duffs most recent posting on his blog linked here.  I don’t and won’t do this very often.  I like to write my own stuff, but in this case I am not sure I can give you a better picture of why God has called us to Guatemala.

You who work in medicine in the United States and you who are benefactors of medicine in the USA, after reading this take a little time and thank the LORD for the blessings we have.  Read all the way through Pat’s note.

May our LORD continue to provide, that we may bless those He loves here in Guatemala.

Thank you Dick and Pat for your wounded hearts.

In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. VICTOR permalink
    03/11/2010 16:29

    Esa es la razón por la que Dios nos llama a su servicio, no solo para predicar bonito sino para ponernos en acción, Dios siempre tiene buenos deseos para nosotros, pero depende de nosotros mismos el traer el reino de los cielos a la tierra, Dios bendiga la vida de todos aquellos que ponen en primer lugar a su progimo, porque Dios los tendra en primer lugar en su corazón, AMEN.


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