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Snow ~ we did it again…


Just like last year within 24 hours of arrival in western North Carolina the region had a major snow storm.  Just under 10 inches fell on our son’s home and a little more at the family farm in West Virginia.  We came into the airport to this site.

Princess Olivia

It is amazing the emotions that rise seeing ones children, when we see them so infrequently.

We visited family in West Virginia and spoke at Lookout Baptist Church.  (Cindy and I have several home churches, Calvary Chapel of Asheville is our sending church, here in Guatemala we go to Casa de Libertad, Lookout Baptist has always been an anchor for the McCutcheon family)  Dad had very recent chemo therapy and was feeling miserable.  All our kids came and we took Olivia sledding.  She was fearless on the sled and inner tube.  What a hoot we had.    Check out the photos from this trip here.

Cindy and I were blessed and that is where we would like to start.  (other blogs to follow).  There were the obvious blessings of seeing children and Olivia the 4 y/o granddaughter.  We often think of missions in regard to financial terms.  While money is an obvious necessity to continue the work, I want to list some blessings that happened that maybe will get you to thinking the next time other missionaries come to your churches.

Long time friends, Red and Sandra loaned us a four wheel drive SUV for the three weeks we were home.  Without it we may not have been able to visit my parents and to meet with the Jim and Michelle Clemmons team in Boone, NC during and after that snow storm.

So many fed us, that I will not name them as I will forget someone and I do not want to offend.  Please allow me to mention my son and his recent acquiring a smoker.  That boy can cook.  Just to keep him from getting the big head, his coffee is a little strong in the morning, but those suppers were awesome.  I tried  to not gain weight, but find myself up 10 pounds once again.

Some of that weight gain is our granddaughter Olivia’s fault.  She helped Cindy with deviled eggs for our last night at Jason and Hadley’s home.  She shook the Laury’s Seasoning Salt on about 4 of the eggs before Cindy caught the bottle… Then Cindy encouraged Olivia to feed one of those to granddad.  What loving granddad is going to refuse his smiling cherub?  I have been thirsty every since.  I think the other three are still pickling in Jason’s refrigerator if someone else wants to try.

Back to the blessings… Metropolitan Medical is one of our supporters and they give discounts and or donate repair parts for anesthesia machines to our work.  We could not do this without their financial and material support.  I apologize that I did not get to touch base with y’all on this trip.

We carried some gifts for another ministry here in Guatemala and needed to ship them once home.  PostNet, 129-B Bleachery Blvd close to Walmart has always been helpful and they gave us a discount to do our necessary shipping and blessed us with boxes and wrapping paper for our personal Christmas gifts to family.  Ron and Keith have been helping since I had MedEquip Missions.  They are a blessing to the ministry of Vine International now.

Our pastor opened his home on short notice so we could print boarding passes and we had a blessed time of prayer with Billy and Fran and the “kids” (who are no longer kids – for crying out loud slow down the growth hormone Fran).

Matt, Peggy’s boyfriend gave us 2 pocket sized digital cameras which will be put to good use in the ministry here.

Scott and Mary helped immensely with computer needs as did an old chum Jeff Pott.

John and Corkie are working on a new computer with some additional benefits for the ministry.

Michael donated a computer that will be going to a national pastor in Guatemala.

Jim and Mary donated some luggage that fitted a need we had.  We had a blessed night at their home and caught up on a lot of fellowship.  Jim and I started MedEquip Missions together years ago and God has knit our hearts together over issues in ministry for years.  He is on the other side of the world right now in a place where Christians are persecuted.  Jim is upgrading a Christian hospital that will serve not only Christians but the persecutors as well.  We continue to pray for this brother daily til he returns to us safe and sound.

We were introduced to Zane, Carmen and Monte’s new son and got to pray with them as they head once again into the adoption process.  It is a blessing to stand shoulder to shoulder with God’s warriors, bringing orphans into Christian families.

We were given the opportunity to share the work of Vine International with Community Chapel of Greenville SC, Calvary Chapel of Asheville, Lookout Baptist Church and with Daryl and Ruth King and some invited friends.  I also preached on the subject, “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much” from James 5:16… It is very much a blessing to share from the word of God – that is a challenge to each of you.  Sure I get the ears of the churches mentioned above, but God gives you an audience in your family, work place and neighbors…. it will not always be comfortable I know, but it will be a blessing.  God smiles on His kids when they share the truth of Christ.

Stay tuned, more to come – photos can be viewed in album on Smugmug and are linked in red letters in this post. In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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