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Community Chapel building team…


is in Guatemala.   Mike, 2 Dave’s and a Tim are wearing me out.  They came to do two projects and are doing FOUR!!!  It is a great crew with a lot of spirit.  Every one of them work hard.  The fellowship is a blessing and Bible studies are challenging.

The first project was installation of two surgical lights in Hospital Cristiano Santa Fe in Chocola.  Dr. Sergio Castillo did over 300 surgical cases last year and saw 11,000 patients last year.  His operating rooms have no lights.  He uses floor lamps that he pushes them between rooms.  These guys crawled in and out of the attic, fought off wild bats and framed for a good stable base for surgical lights.  We ate very well.

We talked to Pastor Ignacio about a couple of projects.  Sunday we worked at a sewing room used by this pastor to teach skills to former gang members so they can ultimately support their families.  It is difficult to find employment here when one is marked with gang tattoos.  We made a room off of the main room for a family to stay on the premises.  This is a blessing for them, and adds security for the equipment they use to do business with.

We were heading out the door the next day for work project in Hospital Cristiano San Raymundo, when one of the administrators called to ask us to delay a day.  This team retooled and we went to Pastor Ignacio’s house and repaired a roof and a couple of plumbing problems.    We are at San Raymundo now and going to do another full days work tomorrow.  Please enjoy the photos linked here.

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy MeCutcheon

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