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Mucho photos…


The Community Chapel Greenville SC team is safely home after some self inflicted excitement at the airport here in Guatemala City…. Ask Tim heh heh heh.

These guys took a lot of photos with the digital cameras they brought and we exchanged photos the last night they were here.  I have selected several street and road scenes and they are linked here.  Please enjoy.  Use the slideshow tab in upper right corner.  These photos are not as large a file as when I take them with my SLR Canon but most will show well in large format where they are just slightly grainy.

Mike, Pastor David, Dave and Tim, were an excellent team always looking for what to do next.  They wasted no time and no resource.  For example once we patterned the benches in San Raymundo I think we were turning out a bench every six minutes.  And Dave Weeke there are still NO LEAKS under the sink… Cindy says thank you, brother.

Thank you brothers for caring for those we care for and may our LORD return every blessing 100 fold.

In Christ

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. marty permalink
    31/01/2011 13:01

    I love the photo’s,, wish I was there on the trip. Maybe some time this year. Take care In CHRIST, Marty


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