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Projects well received…


Joy Gring called to express her thanks for the work done at Hospital Cristiano San Raymundo.  The doctors are using Tim’s writing desks and a very pleased.  The steps are being used and are a blessing to the female patients in particular as they tend to be a little short to get up on the exam tables easily.   And the benches are the talk of the town and are becoming small communal gathering places.  She will send photos sometime soon.  But you can see some examples in photos linked here as we were working on this project and others.

Sergio Castillo called and has done 7 surgical cases under his “new light” in his “new room”.  This team didn’t think they were doing that much.  I have worked in surgery for about 30 years and I know how much value to place on good lighting and told them when they were working that this was a most valuable project.  To them it was just a light…  I wish you could have heard the flood of gratitude that came from Sergio.  Cindy and I are always a little embarrassed receiving thanks from this family.  They do so much with so little, and we get to help in that struggle.  We are blessed in being able to give to the Castillo’s and Hospital Cristiano Santa Fe.  Continue to pray for this work.  There is much that needs to be done, but in order.  We (the Castillo’s and Vine International) need wisdom and discernment.

Pastor Ignacio and his family (other than the interrupted shower incident which he continues to tell all about – Tim did not get the memo on the water supply status) are tickled with the repairs at their home.  The other project for another family is greatly appreciated as well.

Thank you Lord for these four brothers, Mike, David, Dave and Tim and the work they did here.  Restore the financial sacrifice they have given so they can come again and again.  They blessed so many in the physical realm and they shined Your Light in the spiritual realm as well.  Allow the relationships to grow in time.  Allow us to preach the word and to be used to grow the true church in these areas for the glory of Jesus Christ and in His Name Amen.

Jim and Michelle Clemons are leading a team from Alliance Bible Fellowship Boone NC.  This is another hard working productive crew.  We are looking ahead to putting in one and possibly two playgrounds in an orphanage in Retalhuleu.  One for sure for older kids, but a local foundation may donate funds for a smaller one for toddlers.  We are in the planning stages for this crew.  More work is probably going to be added as we communicate with all parties.  This project is some distance from the house (almost 4 hours driving) which means we have to carry tools, materials etc. with us.  Pray we don’t forget anything.  Cindy is concerned here as she believes my eyes, ears and mind are all going at the same time.

Another nap or two and I will be caught up on the sleep deprivation that working with teams brings.  chuckle.

In regard to Vine International shipping/containers, there has been some delays and changes in the routing of some of these container events.  One “missed the train” in Washington State… interesting.  Another can’t decide whether it wants to fly or come by boat from Europe… Cindy is concerned that they will come three at a time and come when I am on the Mexican border.  I see cause for prayer here if you of a mind to pray.  We will keep you posted.

If you comment on this post an option to sign up for automatic notification should be visible.  Thank you for your support in all the different ways you support us.

In Christ

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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