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Guatemala is a land of flowers…


Just a quick note.  We are between teams.  Two containers hit port this week and lots of paper shuffling transferring funds going on.  Dry season still remains upon us.  The flowers and plants are watered by the heavy fog and dews of the nights this time of year.

Dennis and Doris Rice will enjoy this post in particular.  They lived in this house three or four years before turning it over to us.  I have said before because of their work there has not been an easier, smoother transfer of a foreign mission work that I know of.  Cindy and I were truly blessed by the Rice’s ‘going before us.’   So simple I am going to share some photos of flowers in and around the house taken today.  There is some additional information in the captions of the photos linked here.

When you get to the photo album select one of the larger formats and slide show.  This is just a taste of the beauty we see everyday.

Hope to soon give an exciting update on one of the ministries we help – Hospital Santa Fe in Chocola.  So stay tuned.  Thank you for your continued support.

In Christ

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon, Asociacion Vine International Guatemala

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  1. Lisa Ivins permalink
    15/02/2011 11:02

    Those were beautiful!! It makes me want to be back in Guatemala SO BAD!! Thanks for posting!!


  2. 15/02/2011 20:13

    thnx bro


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