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This is a link to the presentation done by the Community Chapel team that was here late in January this year.  Three of the members spoke.  Mike Davis did a slide presentation.  The comment about Dennis McCutcheon (that’s me) takes up half the front seat of the van was a little rude, tho’ it is true.  chuckle.  Dave Weeke spoke well and Tim Griner needed more time as he had a lot to say.  They all shared stories of their week and all three brought tears to my eyes.  They were a gracious and humble group of men.  For reasons beyond the construction projects they were here at a time designed by God.  This is a video clip of their presentation that takes almost an hour to watch all the way through.  There are photos in the presentation that are on the photo blog (see the archived stories for late Jan and first of Feb.).

David Weeke says he would rather come back to Guatemala than go to Israel… Tim relates the story of the man once blind giving his cane to Dr. Sergio as a reminder of others that are blind like him back in the jungle villages.  We NEED a surgical microscope for this doctor.  Please pray for one.

Enjoy the video when you have an hour to invest.  It will not be wasted time.

Prayer request… We replaced Dennis and Doris Rice not quite two years ago.  Please pray for Doris, she is having bilateral knee replacement tomorrow.  Pray for us as we prepare for three projects this week and a team next week.  We will be extremely busy for the next almost three weeks.

Thank you for your support,

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. 18/02/2011 21:53

    I just wanted to encourage everyone who gives to this ministry, that because of you Medical missionaries like myself can go and evangelize the people of Guatemala. Thank you for giving!!!!


    • 19/02/2011 08:31

      thank you for the kind words brother. Hope to see you soon. In Christ, Dennis and Cindy


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