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Just a quick note on two subjects…


We are preparing for the next team.  This group was the team in August 2009 that put a playground in the women’s prison in zone 18 for the children that stay in prison with their mothers until they are 4 years old.

Now they return for another playground project this time in Rehu (refer to old post “the Capitol of the World”).  This is an orphanage in the “getting their license from the government” status.  An interminably frustrating place to be, but they keep pushing forward.   In the meantime, the facility is used for an after school feeding and education program until the orphanage can open officially.  In other words the playground will be used and will not set idle.

The team is from Missionary Alliance Bible Fellowship in Boone NC.  The project is done for DAR orphanage under the direction of El Barrios for Christ (a ministry to gangs, prisons and gang prevention) and in cooperation with local churches and Vine International.  Cindy and I are grocery shopping, cleaning, meeting with the national teams, just in general trying to make sure all is prepared.  Pastor Ignacio and I met early morning on Thursday at the company that makes the playgrounds to watch one being assembled.  (That was a traumatic morning – Ignacio put peanut butter in perfectly good grits, shudder.)  He left last night to deliver the playground from the city to Rehu an almost 4 hour drive.  We will meet one final time to go over our “lists” tomorrow after church.   I will collect tools and pack the van on Monday and Tuesday.

IN the meantime Domingo, Cindy and I unloaded a container full of wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes, etc from Patrick Rimke’s ministry in Ohio Wheels of Hope.  Thank the LORD for Motrin.  Those 83 wheelchairs (photos linked here – the final photo is for your viewing pleasure) started getting heavier as time went on.  Patrick has been refurbishing wheelchairs since 1990 and his first mission trip was to Guatemala.  We are grateful beneficiaries of his teams work here in Guatemala.  Now I have to go lift those things again to get them out the door.  One day this week we had four clients that filled their vans and pickups with material from this load.  What a blessing Patrick.  Please share our gratitude with your volunteers and pack three of them in the next container – grin!!  These will be a rich blessing for many in Guatemala that cannot afford this “luxury.”

We have two projects waiting on red tape… please pray these get turned loose before the team comes on Tuesday.  As you can tell it is getting tight.

Thank you for your support.

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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