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Hernias and forklifts…


Can a forklift get a hernia?  Late one afternoon last week a truck from the far north of Guatemala arrived.  Everyone but the truck driver Ben and his helper Renaldo (?) were kicked out of the warehouse.  I was loading the Scott Air Compressor for the bomberos at the International Airport near Flores Peten, Guatemala.  These heroic volunteers had little equipment a year ago.  Their turnout gear was thread bare and full of holes.  Hospital Shalom Peten and Mission Air Group (MAG) are putting in an air ambulance service for the largest department (think state) and most rural region of Guatemala.  The plan is to open about 20 dirt air fields so we can reach into these areas and bring out sick and injured patients for life saving care at Hospital Shalom.  Part of the safety issue is to have good fire fighting capability at the central air field.

Vine International has partnered with these Christian missionaries to deliver good protective suits collected in New England by Sean Donnelly of MAG last year and now delivering this compressor.

It was exciting to be part of this project…. really exciting…  When unloading the unit from the container it tipped the forklift forward and off the steering and drive wheels.  With two men standing on the back of the machine we were able to pull the compressor off far enough to get around to the front of the machine and grab it in the middle.  Well now it was time to load it.

I grabbed it at the middle lifted it high enough to put it on Ben’s flat bed truck… then back up put on the fork extenders to center the compressor over the axle.  On the last lift I once again tipped the forklift – you see it is exciting working here in Guatemala… actually feeling your forklift get away from your control – nauseating may be the better word.

We have had a very busy weeks two days being 14 hour days for me.  Tired but loving it.  Ron and Susan Nash are in the house some this week, sharing training for International Christian Hospice.  This ministry is very active in sharing Jesus Christ and His grace in very stressful end of earthly life situations.  They train pastors, doctors, nurses and other Christian counselors both in techniques to take care of urgent physical needs, but also to use Scripture authoritatively in a person last days.  Many souls have been ushered into the Kingdom of the LORD Jesus Christ through this ministries teaching.  They are obviously Spirit led instead of purpose driven.  It is a joy to have them in our home. Please pray for Ron as he is having problems with a disc in his low back and on the roads of Guatemala this is a very difficult problem.

Thank you for your support and prayers.  Enjoy the photos linked here for this project.  The next blog will be about a new group on our radar called Smiles of Love (Sonrisas de Amor) a family of Guatemalan dentists serving Christ in a very unique way.  Hope to have that up on about three days.

In Christ

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. Michelle Clemens permalink
    27/03/2011 11:12

    That’s a mighty young driver of that truck in the first photo!


    • 27/03/2011 13:13

      That is Ben number 2… I was nervous because Ben one never shut off the motor and I was watching in case Ben 2 bumped it into gear… Not sure what I would have done, but I was ever watchful.


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