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Sonrisas de Amor is espanol for


Smiles of Love.  Victor and Evelyn Borrayo are dentists (Evelyn graduates 5 April 2011 yea!!!!  We are proud of you sister), Guatemalans and the first in their families to graduate from universities.  They are grateful and believe their education is a gift from God and should be used for the glory of Christ.  Victor attended a business men’s lunch at which Pastor Ignacio dared ask for help in the ministry of El Barrios for Christ to ex gang members and prostitutes.  He was one of very few who courageously stepped forward and asked, “as dentists could he and Evelyn help?”  Ignacio said in Spanish something similar to what I say in these situations, “Is a fat hog heavy?”  (in southern Appalachia that is slang for YES, you betcha bottom dollar where have you been the last three years, can you start in 15 minutes, all in one simple statement!! – felt it necessary to explain for my friend Jennie’s sake, grin)

Vine International supports both ministries in small ways.  El Barrios for Christ, Pastor Ignacio has used Vine Bodega (warehouse) for colostomy supplies and basic first aid needs for those in his care.  Smiles of Love has received a dental chair, office furniture and a vacuum pump.  We are working on other needs to expand the Borrayos capacity to serve inner city and rural poor populations.  Both of these families are aggressive in sharing their faith in Christ and the Gospel message.  It is a joy to work with these who I consider family in Christ.

A couple of Saturdays ago, Cindy and I took photos of a clinic done in the same school where the Clemens / Alliance Bible Fellosdhip team put up the gutter.  (By the way “team” our national friends returned and sealed and painted that back outside wall to help keep the classroom dry.  We are waiting for the “RAINY SEASON” for a full test of the system – see photos).  This school is in the heart of “gangland.”  Graffiti from two gangs that cannot coexist are painted on the ends of the building we guttered (see photos).  Like dogs urinating on light poles and fire hydrants they mark their territory.

This school is kindergarten to sixth grade.  This school has a praying principal and Bible reading teachers literally straddling these two gangs borders.  I look back at a Christian team doing gutter work on a secular school… frankly I almost killed this project.  But events since the Boone NC team did this work clearly show God’s hand in our midst.  These three teams are a direct answer to a faithful believer’s prayers (the principal).  The very visible (gringos hanging off a second story balcony waving flashy metal gutter attracts attention in these neighborhoods) Alliance Bible Fellowship team attracted attention of at least three men that are volunteering to help El Barrios for Christ, one of those being a dentist, Dr. Zarate.  Pastor Ignacio directed the projects, both the building and setting up the dental team weekend.  Smiles of Love, with four dentists shared Jesus both morning and afternoon in addtion to giving free dental care to children and teenagers in the area.

We are looking for dental x-ray sensor, digital.  Kodak is the only company that supports its product in Guatemala.  This little unit is very expensive if we cannot get a donation, several thousands of dollars.  We will see what the LORD will do.  It will expand the capacity to do restoration work rather than pulling teeth.  And we need a better compressor.

If any one is interested come and help Smiles of Love share their services and the Gospel.  Dentists obviously, but dental assistants would increase these dentists ability to serve.  We had four dentsts at two stations.  While it was a joy to see dentists yielding their pride of position and alternating being their partners assistant, it was inefficient.  We will work on enough equipment and personnel to get a four station set up instead of just two in the near future.  Victor has worked with a friend of the ministry to design the portable dental chair.  As you can see in the photos these are top notch design and if you have dental teams coming to Guatemala can I suggest you purchase enough of these to do your work here.

Enjoy the photos linked anywhere you see RED Letters above.  I included a few photos of flowers. Thank you for your support.

In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. 21/04/2011 08:40

    We’re thinking and praying for you with much love!!! Thanks for your ministry to the Body of Christ. Love you bro!!! Kevin


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