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We consider Asheville, NC home base…


The region around Asheville NC is one of the prettiest spots on earth, filled with some mighty fine people.  Some twits too.

Warrent Officer 2 Terry Varnadore II was an Army helicopter pilot from Hendersonville (just south of Asheville).  He was tragically killed on duty in Afghanistan and his body was returned to rest at home.  We read of the grief of his parents and wife in the Asheville Citizen Times.  What we didn’t read is of the full support of the local people.

Matt Buckner, Peggy’s very special friend works at the airport and reports the following to us.  Worked stopped as staff at airport joined the military escort in showing respect for our local hero.  But there were (Christian restraint requires I not insert the several adjectives that come to mind) protesters also to receive Terry’s remains.  But Matt reports that hundreds of locals came and read verses of Scripture out loud.  Between the Scripture reading and the 100 strong Patriot Honor Guard motorcycles, those protesters were drowned out.  Matt said he cried and didn’t believe there was a dry eye anywhere to be seen.

We are proud of you western North Carolina.

Cindy and I will be traveling again to Asheville area for Peggy’s birthday 10 May and up to WV to spend some time with my mother to do some work around her house.  We will be in church at Calvary Chapel of Asheville May 15th.  Meetings with Hank Lueck, and our pastor will be scheduled.  Later this year, August, Cindy will return to attend Peggy’s graduation.  I will probably stay here in Guatemala due to expense in traveling.

We have been accepted in regard to residency status here in Guatemala.  There are many benefits for us as family and in regard to the ministry.  There is still some paper work and information exchange that has to happen.  A meeting of our attorney, immigration and ourselves is set up for the day after our return.  As a humorous aside, one of the rules they have is a photo with “no facial hair”.  (We are inserting a photo of the Pillsbury Dough-boy).  I have a 30 y/o son who would not recognize me if I shave my beard.  We believe they will wave that rule.  If NOT I promise to share a beardless photo of this furry face.  Dennis Rice and Bruce White are laughing right now.

For the Patriot Honor Guard and all that stood in respect of the Terry Varnadore II family and read Scripture and drowned out the protesters, may my God return blessing upon blessing on you and your house.  In the strong Name of our King, High Priest and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, Amen.

In Christ

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. Casey McCutcheon permalink
    04/05/2011 13:42

    Please be careful with the beardless picture, if it should come to that. Not many people can handle that kind of shock, including me 🙂

    Love you Dad, can’t wait to see you!


    • 04/05/2011 16:38

      Turkey! I think we have a waiver on that rule as it stands now. But we will have to wait until final meeting after our return from your place in late May!!! Dad.


  2. Mike Woon permalink
    26/05/2011 03:06

    Your doing a great job for the Lord. Keep it up. Mike and Donna Woon


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