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A quick note..


Vine is a great help to volunteer firemen/women. We usually pray with these teams. A couple of occasions I have forgotten and they request prayer! Yea!

We are very busy.  Cindy and my feet are sore from being on the floor of the bodega, bringing order to the last container.  This last container is from a new group we had not tried before.  Much of the stuff is outdated.  This requires us to pay more to the garbage man on this end.  We will sort through each item and find uses for as much of it as possible.  In some cases we can tear each pack apart and claim metal hemostats, scissors etc. as they can be reautoclaved.  I am exploring giving some stuff to a couple of veterinarian’s that do some volunteer work here in Guatemala.

This is said with the utmost of love and compassion…  There is an attitude that missionaries or non-profits can use anything.  And further if you are in a third world or developing country apparently we should be grateful to get what US companies and citizen’s consider garbage.  In some cases we can use things like that, but often if it is garbage there it is garbage here.  Reagents for lab testing of blood for example decay with time.  The data collected using these agents may be off considerably.  In medicine BAD information is worse than NO information.  So we have tossed a few boxes of reagents that were three years outdated, stored in a hot sea going container for part of their lives!!!

Dating on suture, difficult subject.  I am confident that the suture in many cases is fine and would let it be used on me.  Suture is very hard to come by and very dear to us here in Guatemala.  But the Ministry of Health here is increasing their capacity to inspect health facilities and demand compliance with issues such as these.  There are “cat-gut” sutures that are organic and do decay even sealed in the packaging.  So dear ones, when your dear one is being operated on how old is too old for the suture they are going to use???  I don’t have the answer.  I wish there was a scientific way to test these against production standards.  Some of the ministries we serve will reject out of hand these materials.  I will offer them to some and they will be received with gratitude.  Again much of it will be discarded.  I have found some suture outdated by 10 years in this lot…

It is a joy to serve the LORD, a joy to serve these He gives us to serve.  It is humbling to be helped by all you who pray for us and help us financially.  I have always been independant, working as paper boy, greenhouse, lawncare, painting gas wells, USNavy, and years as a physician’s assistant.  To be here and DEPENDANT on other’s is humbling.   We take your care for us very seriously.  We work hard and long, and it is a joy to give away the stuff you send us.  BUT when we have to work hard to sort thru garbage it gets a little testy for my soul….  pray for good attitude, good decision making in this process.

On a lighter note, we have been approved for residency status here in Guatemala.  We go tomorrow for another interview process from which our ID cards will be printed and hopefully a week or 10 days after that we will have them in hand… Now this is Guatemala and it is not always that simple.  We know of more than one case of all the paper work being lost even at this time and the process has to start all over.  (We initiated this process last September!  And are grateful that we are this successful this soon).  We have had to prove that our income comes from out of country, that we are not taking a job from Guatemalans I guess, that we are married, with no criminal background = all these documents and others are required to be notarized at point of origin, then the notary’s authority is notarized by that states department, then notarized by the closest Guatemalan consulate, brought to Guatemala where the consulates notary is notarized, with fees at each step of that process for each document.  Why do this you ask?  It keeps us from having to leave the country every 90 days and when we get our ID card we get a discount at Tikal and the zoo, etc.  You gringos have to pay more!!!

We love you guys, thanks for reading my rantings today.

In Christ

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. marty permalink
    25/05/2011 15:05

    Hang in there my BROTHER.. my prayers are with you… In CHRIST, Marty


    • 25/05/2011 15:10

      thanks Marty. Praying for the cleanup in your area after the tornados. AND praying to see you sometime this year???


  2. 27/05/2011 08:45

    I understand your pain about the garbage. We felt the same way when we had to deal with it. It seems we american’s love to give our garbage to God, literally, which only makes it someone else’s garbage in this case. So I pray that people’s hearts will see the difference between that garbage and the garbage of our lives.


    • 27/05/2011 08:54

      Rebecca, I like the spiritual metaphor. Thank you for the encouragement. Dennis and CIndy


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