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June 1 was our second year anniversary in Guatemala with Vine International.  We had announced a container ready for distribution, so the warehouse has been crawling with folks and I have not had time to consider posting to the blog.  Too busy to take photos of the week.

People were hauling out stuff left and right.  That is what we are here for.  I tell my boss Woody it is fun giving away his / His stuff.   We get the thanks and the hugs that many of you deserve because you keep us here.

We feel very blessed.  This summer is filling up, with our boss, a board member and others coming last week of June, a family dear to us and contributors the first full week of July, International Christian Hospice coming mid/late July and will be all over Guatemala for a month following.  (By the way Ron, I could have given the car away about 12 times now).  Last week of August we have a construction team coming from Community Chapel in Greenville SC to work on a wall for an orphanage close by.  Most weekends are filled until September.  I look at the calendar and I am tired already.  BUT it is for this that we came.  All these groups in some way are looking at sharing and making a way for the Gospel to go forth all the more.

Vine has been used once again as an intercessory agent of true Hope and change.  smile.   We helped put a ministry to prisons whose resources have been overwhelmed with a local church to help put pastors into several youth prisons in Guatemala.  Woody, Bruce and the Rice’s have been skilled at this.  We believe it is God given discernment of seeing two different ministries that are “hand and glove” kind of works and we introduce them and as quickly as possible get out of the way.  Then we get to watch the Hand of God do a supernatural work for which no man, particularly us can take credit.  It will be exciting to see what God does in this work.  We are hoping to intervene before kids get sucked into gangs.  That can happen at the ripe old age of 8 or 9 here… pray for this work please.  Many of you have met the pastor involved.  Bible Society here in Guatemala has committed to providing a Bible for every child attending this ministries outreach.

We are looking at ways to try to learn the language again.  While we are better than what we were, we still are markedly deficient in that area.  The people we serve are so kind and gracious.  But we would like to be where we could be more than polite, where we could give advice in the warehouse regarding medical materials and ultimately where we could share the Gospel with those that God puts in our path.

No photos this time.  Just checking in with friends and family and praising our LORD for these last two very sweet years.  You who pray for us and give financially to keep us here are part of that blessing.  We are so grateful to you and for you.

Father in Heaven, may You be glorified in the work of Vine International here in Guatemala.  The needs are great.  We desire to answer the physical needs in a way that allows us to share the need for Jesus Christ.  It does no eternal good to save a life here in the physical realm if we do not share the need of Jesus in the eternal realm.  Life on earth is but a breath compared to the Life You desire for us.  I know there are times You smile, probably laugh out loud at some of the things we do.  It is in our heart to be compassionate where You are compassionate, to love where You love and to hate what You hate.
We thank You for the resources You continue to give. Continue to give us resources specific to the needs of those ministries we work with arm and arm here in Guatemala.

Cindy and I ask for those that support Your work here by pray and finances and material support that You Who can account for things in ways we can’t, that You would return the blessings we feel in a multiplied way.  That the families, businesses and churches that support us would grow in a way that brings glory to Jesus and His Kingdom.

For ourselves LORD we ask for skill in the Spanish language, for greater understanding of this culture and love for its people.  We ask those things specifically so we can share the Good News of Christ.  So many in our circle need to know Him as Savior and Redeemer, others who do need to know more of Him.  Let us be Gospel Speakers to the one group and Encouragers to the other.

Thank You for the first two years, we look forward to what You are going to do in our future here with You and Vine International.  We pray and ask these things in the Strong Name of Jesus, Amen.

Blessings heaped on you all head high!!!

In Christ

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon, missionaries in Guatemala for Vine International

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