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Housekeeping issue…


This is a quick note.  Vine International is putting out an electronic newsletter once a month.  If you want to receive news about our parent ministry send me a request with your name and email to  …

AS a blessing for you, read Dick Rutger’s blog post from yesterday.  It will let you know some of the difficulty’s in serving here in Guatemala.  Also many of you prayed for Jason, a local young man who ran away from home early this year and after two months of searching Dick put out a note about concern that Jason may be dead.  Within a few hours of that note Jason was found and restored to his parents.  He is one of Dick’s helpers in this blog post.  Dick is an amazing missionary here in Guatemala.  I always think of the passage of leaving the 99 and seeking the 1 lost when I think of Dick’s work here.

Please pray for Cindy’s back, we are starting steroids and praying for relief prior to visit next week from the Tony Burnett family, friends and supporters of our work here.

If you are in Avery, Madison, Mitchell or Yancey Counties in North Carolina next week, pick up a fresh copy of Blue Ridge Christian News at your favorite Christian Business outlet…  The editor, Clint Pollard is featuring The Tropical Grill and Dancing Leaf Imports.  Owners, Sam and Claudia Rothman have quite a story about starting a business in Spruce Pine.  They use a significant portion of their profits to support us and other ministries here in Guatemala.  These friends donated a gas stove and double stainless steel sink.  It is on the next container (in July) and will go to one of our local orphanages Fundo Ninos in San Jose Pinula that several of you on this list have been to.  It is a good story and thank you Clint, Sam and Claudia for the mention and support.  See you in August… I think I might try the Philly Steak this time!!

Don’t forget name and email to if you want to be on the Vine International electronic email list.

In Christ

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. Jackie Scott permalink
    29/06/2011 12:51

    Dennis, thanks for the updates. Beautiful bird! Sorry not fr N.C. to bring your publication. We are, however, headed to Xela. My husband, Roger, is already there and I’m coming on the 1st. If you are in Xela the week of July 4th thru Friday, we will be working the “Festival of Life” crusade with John Smithwick ministries. Each evening will provide a crusade meeting at the old armory bldg at 19th Avenida and 7th Calle. Accross from Monte Blanc/Paiz mall. It is going to be an awesome event and we are believing the Lord is going to show up Big Time for the people of Guate. Blessings and believing for your wife’s healing, in Jesus’ name. Jackie


    • 29/06/2011 13:31

      Hey Jackie,
      We have company that week so will not be able to come to Xela. You might want to bring a sweater as it has been chilly in the evenings (in the 50’s) here about Guatemala City. Xela is about 2,000 feet higher than we are… Praying for the crusade. Thankyou for encouragement, In Christ, Dennis and Cindy.


      • Marilyn Downing permalink
        30/06/2011 12:26

        Dennis – Praying for Cindy’s relief from back pain. FYI the Burnett family are friends from Carolina Christian School. Their girls go there along with Patrick & Will. In fact Patrick is on a mission trip this week in Honduras along with their family and group from Woodland Hills Youth. Dan was supposed to join them but has to have eye surgery on July 5th so that put the kabosh on his trip there and then on to Costa Rica. He was really disappointed.
        Take care and many blessings to you and Cindy.


      • 30/06/2011 14:01

        Cindy worked with/for Tony for years and I have been to Kenya on short term medical team with him. We are looking forward to their visit. In Christ Dennis and Cindy = thanks for prayers on our behalf.


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