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“Come look”…


I was starting to get up this morning when I heard Cindy say, “come look, if you want to see the sun!”  It has been several days since we have had blue sky.  It is still there for now.  Red lettering below should link you to photo album on my SmugMug account when you right click on the phrase.  Try the slideshow tab in upper right on the album page for full screen views of the photos.

Last week was a particular blessing.  We needed a break for Cindy and her back.  Our friends and supporters Tony and Leah Burnett came with their daughters Claire and Hope, and Alyssa Jones a friend of the family and now a friend of ours!!

We introduced them to flavors of Guatemala, bananas, fried plantain sundaes with mango pineapple sauce on top, Chickies, Julietas, avocados (one nickname for Guatemalans is Green Bellies because we eat so many avocados!).  They watched hummingbirds and at night the fruit bats attack the feeders.  Cindy loved having the girls around the house and conversation with Leah, while Tony and I solved several problems in church and mission work.

On Wednesday, the Burnetts helped to clean up the warehouse and we explained Vine Internationals service to them.  We also took them for a couple of hours to a local orphanage that is dear and near to us, Fundo Ninos.  Bounce a few of these babies on your knees and you are hooked.

Thursday, we took this family to Hospital Santa Fe, in Chocola to meet Sergio and Veronica Castillo and to see a truly rural hospital here in Guatemala.  As all others have been they are impressed at the work done in such a small place.  10.000 patient visits and over 400 major surgeries in a years time.  We continue to pray that Sergio can sign documents to take ownership any DAY now.  The village is willing, the bank is willing, now the attorneys are researching past records, a very important process in this country.  The road is the worst I have seen in about 7 or 8 years traveling there.  Fortunately we left Cindy home to rest the back problem we are contending with.  Rainbows greeted our return home.

On Friday we allowed the ladies to exercise their shopping genes in Antigua.  We hit the traffic on the mountain on our return and it took us 2 hours and a half to get home.

On Saturday we went to a private school serving the La Limonada barrio/ghetto.  This family has a multigenerational history of serving the children of Guatemala through education.  This particular brother through some self destructive effort spent some time homeless on the street of the city and addicted.  He gave his life to Jesus and was transformed, blessed with a beautiful family and now runs a school for children in this barrio.  La Limonada is made up of squatters building on dangerously steep hill sides in the center of Guatemala City.  The children here are sucked into gang life and their lives are significantly shortened by life of violence, prostitution and crime.  This school has over 250 children in two locations on the edge of the barrio.  This Guatemalan family helped my friend Ignacio when he needed help the most.  He always smiles when he talks about them.  They need another room on the top floor and the Mike Davis/Community Chapel Greenville SC team may be able to knock this off in a day later this year.  We need a total of $500 to cover materials for steel frame, laminate, welding materials, etc.  This school is active in sharing the gospel, successful in keeping kids out of gang culture, and worthy of our support.  If the LORD lays on your heart to give to this project, please send donation to our post box in Knoxville with a note in the envelope, “for La Limonada Project” (if you say lemonade Woody might drink it!).  Vine International, PO Box 52086, Knoxville TN, 37950.

Guatemala has made the news again due to violence.  A famous Argentinian singer 74 y/o Facundo Cabral was murdered on the street down from Tikal Futura where he was staying.  He was in route to the airport.  He probably was not the target, more likely his driver or agent, who survived the attack.  We were with our friends on this road about 12 hours before on our return from Antigua.  While Guatemala is a violent place, we feel that we are in God’s hands and as safe here as we will be anywhere.  So family and friends please do not worry about us.  Politicians, police, the people, and the gangs – they need Jesus.

Pray for a sister in the LORD in prison here that friends are attempting to minister to and that is all I can say about that. Thank you for prayer support and I do ask if the LORD lays us on your heart in the wee hours of the morning, please be faithful and stand before the LORD for us.  Let us know how we can pray for you.

In Christ

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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