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Eclectic thoughts about Guatemala…


Pot Holes… this is the season of mobile, expanding potholes.  If you don’t go over that section of road in a week, it will be noticeably different.  Around San Jose Pinula there is a guy that drives a tractor and mixes small batches of concrete to fill holes.  This is very nice for about two weeks in this case.  Then the sides of the pothole wash out and chip away, then you have this larger pothole with this huge rock in the middle of it.

If the pothole is wide enough that both front wheels go into it, we are now calling those “reverse speed bumps”.

Politics in Guate….  It is political season as well… elections here are a little wild.  The incumbent in some cases (not all) swears out a warrant on his competition.  That person hopefully gets word about the warrent and races to the magistrates office and posts his own bail, usually quite small.  He then is released on his own recognizance and continues campaigning.  If he doesn’t here about the warrant and the police exercise the arrest of the individual several of these spend a significant time in jail.  Bail being much higher in the case of warrant requiring arrest.  After the election all these charges are dismissed.

Grocery shopping…  I was grocery shopping with Cindy last week, we were looking for Crisco (a couple runs of biscuits for Guatemalan friends and a missionary coming through has depleted the ‘stash’).  The store we were in sometimes has Crisco but not that day, so Cindy said maybe they moved it to the imported food section.  So we swung by ‘The Ethnic Food Section’, a small corner in the store… No Crisco, but SPAM was readily available at almost twice the price one would pay in the USA.  hmmm?!?  Matt Mulder I think we need a poem, “Ode to Spam in a Foreign Land”.  Matt you write the words, I will ask Hank Lueck to write the music and we will sell it.  chuckle.

Because of a combination of factors we are a little slow right now with the warehouse for Vine International.  BUT it is good because it has given time to catch up and clean the warehouse and bring some order to the shelves.  Also Cindy hurt her back over a month ago and it has allowed her time to heal.  Our youngest daughter Peggy is graduating Aug 5 and we will be in the states briefly.  I will try to catch up with some who support us that we have missed the last two trips.  Trying to schedule a day down the New River in WV to fish… it has been 4 or 5 years since I have been fishing, – it’s time for a break.  We are working on a day to be at The Tropical Grill in Spruce Pine, NC during that week too.

We are amazed at the little details that our God attends to as if they were first on His list.  Just in time support for a national pastor and his family when the cupboard gets bare, healing for Dante a one year old son of dear friends with acute bronchial pneumonia, jobs for some of our brothers, financial support to send others to university when they could see no way, the list goes on and on.  We have a very busy next two months or three.  Probably 4 containers, three or four “teams”, being a way station for missionaries coming through the Guatemala City Hub, helping Abiding Life Ministries set up speaking engagements, finding printers for their books and resources.  We are getting stretched into things neither of us has done before.  But all along the way we get opportunities to minister and be ministered to (one group this past week praying for Cindy’s back.  I love it.  It wasn’t enough we prayed for them, they had the desire to return the favor).    Share with us your prayer needs and concerns.  We love to pray for those who support us in a variety of ways.

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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