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Blessings and busy-ness


The last two weeks are a blur.  We flew to the states to attend our youngest daughter’s graduation from veterinarian technician program at Asheville-Buncombe Technical College.  We are proud of all our children and are blessed of God that all are gainfully employed.

That first Saturday in western NC was filled with first seeing the Hillman’s and encouraging them as they adopt a young one for their family.  We are very proud of these young friends and feel a special connection to this family.   Second a lunch meeting at The Tropical Grill in downtown Spruce Pine NC.  We essentially filled the main room with friends, supporters and local pastors who have a heart for Guatemala.  We firmed up material support from the JAMES Project (Jeff Burns, his pastor and members of his church, ) and other ministries in the region while Claudia forced us to overeat.  We shared some of Vine International that we don’t always share on the Internet.  Sam and Claudia Rothman, owners of The Tropical Grill, took sacrificial care of the group.  They invited some young people interested in missions.  We answered as many questions as we could.

Later that evening, we were guests of the Burnett and Jones family.  We had a great time of fellowship.  We pray that both these families will be in Guatemala again soon.

Sunday, I was so looking forward to a sermon from our pastor in English, which I got!  I was going to head to WV as soon as church was over, BUT we were having lunch at the park and baptisms (see photos).  SO mom it was Pastor Billy’s fault I was three hours late.  During the baptism, one of the ladies being baptized had been part of our home fellowship and had been counseled by Pastor Rod and his wife Jennifer during Most Excellent Way meetings.  Rachel asked Rod and I to baptize her – what an honor and blessing that was.

Went to WV that day and fished the next (another story), spent Tuesday with mom working around the house, on computer (now on facebook with her grandchildren – two of those fell out of their chairs when they saw Gammie’s friend requests), in the garden, making supper and enjoying conversation.

Wednesday was travel back to Asheville via Carolina Barbecue in Statesville, NC.  Where I met with “Cousin” Joe McCutcheon and a friend interested in missions.  We had an excellent discussion with some unique offers being made.  We will see what the LORD does with this.  Back to Asheville shared a foot long hot dog in the parking lot with Cindy and spoke about the cross of Christ and bearing the marks of Christ while sharing about Vine International and the work we are doing in Guatemala.  What a blessing to share with ‘family’.  Phone calls on Thursday, a meeting about biomedical services in Guatemala and one pickup truck in a ditch, met a really talented tow truck operator and we are still learning how to pack as much as we can on these short trips.  I still missed some important people to us.  We finally had an evening with our kids, pizza at Jason and Hadley’s.  We have found this enjoyable, more so than at a restaurant.  I can play with my granddaughter and we are not disturbed by helpful waiters and blaring music.  We returned the car that Red and Sandra loan us  (what a blessing y’all are to our ministry).   The Friday schedule was clear for packing and lose ends.

Saturday, return to our home in Guatemala.  Plane ride from Asheville to Atlanta was uneventful but a plugged toilet caused a plane delay and eventual change of plane.  The pilot cut over 30 minutes off the flying time and we made it in time for chicken BBQ at Casa Barnabe and the Orphan Resource International (ORI) team.  Kim Pavlich (from our home church and with current ORI team) visited with us Saturday evening and is asking for prayer as she seeks the LORD’s will for return to Guatemala in the future and in what capacity.

That is an edited version of the last two weeks or so.  The next two months are equally busy.  So please pray with us for work to be done in a way pleasing to the Father and that glorifies our Jesus Christ.

In Christ

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. 06/09/2011 11:56

    Our JESUS is good, therefore we praise HIM.
    Lord we pray that you continue using the McCutcheon family the Mighty precious way, bless them with strength and with abundantly peace. May they continue be a role model family to all of us.

    Morning Star Ministry
    Carl and Christina Fulton

    Jesus loves you and so do we.
    In CHRIST our Redeemer
    Have a blessed day!
    James 5:16 The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.

    Prov 3:5-6 -7 Trust in the Lord with all your heart..
    Phil 4:6-7 Be anxious for nothing..


  2. Jorge permalink
    08/09/2011 19:53

    Our JESUS is good, therefore we praise HIM.
    Lord we pray that you continue using the McCutcheon family the Mighty precious way, bless them with strength and with abundantly peace. May they continue be a role model family to all of us.


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