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Second Team…


in two weeks and boy am I tired.  Cindy and I are hosting another excellent Community Chapel of Greenville SC in our home.  There are two projects.  The first project was a wall around Casa Bernabe (House of Barnabus).  This ministry is an orphanage with a clinic for their own children and local poor.  Vine has helped in a small way to supply some of their medical needs.  Their major work though is with orphans and abused/neglected children.  They have an excellent history and reputation.

The wall is for security and has been over seen by Orphan Resource International staff (some of our amazing friends here in Guatemala).  It has been built to this point by multiple short term teams.  After the first day of learning the process we really picked up speed.  This team built approximately 150 feet of fence in under four work days.  They also reinforced a ramp for vehicles inside the property.

Friday project was to put a roof on the roof of a Christian school in an area deeply effected by gangs in the capital city.  After a slow start due to materials glitch we worked til after dark with roof and gutter completed.  Local team will finish painting and enclosing the sides so the new room can be used for art class.  For 10 years this school has been very successful in steering children away from ‘the streets.’  I speak for all of the team – what a blessing to be able to contribute in a small way to this Godly work.

I will let you enjoy the photos.  We will tell more of the activities when we have time.  The days have been very full and there are lots of sore muscles.  Someone tell Pastor Rit I am getting too old for his teams…  these are hard working brothers and sisters and if I could get a nap, maybe I could keep up.

Enjoy the photos here.

In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

PS.  OK guys we got your notes… (Jessie’s was written with “invisible ink” – had to take it out in the sunshine to read it LOL).  That sealed it – all of you are invited back, just give me a couple of weeks to recover.  chuckle.

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