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Biomedical technicians needed…


in medical missions.

Since the mid 1990’s I have understood the need of biomedical technical skill in keeping Christian and humanitarian medical programs working.  Biomed techs are a group of men and women who have amazing hearts for service.  They are an INVISIBLE force in your hospitals.  The hospital system in Asheville NC, USA has more biomed techs than many of the nations of the world.  The training of US, Canadian and European biomeds is a cut above any program I know of elsewhere.  Equipment failures in the developing world is a huge problem where we depend on used/donated machines.  We often do not have the skilled people, spare parts or back ups that your hospital is so blessed with… we simply make do.

Please watch this You Tube clip.  The biomed tech helping hook up the patient to a ‘ventilator’ is a dear friend of mine.  Rick Wood was the first biomed to come to Guatemala under Vine International and the now latent MedEquip Missions.  We continue to covet biomed services here in Guatemala.

Be in prayer for Mark Kortright, myself and Vine International in the month of October.   Mark has a desire to start biomedical shop and training facility.  I will take him to see some of the facilities we support and share the need for biomedical services.  Although as a patient in a hospital or emergency room in the USA you never seen the biomed tech, I assure you every machine the medical staff uses on you has been handled by a technician working in windowless room in the basement or a shop next to the loading docks.  Few people ever thank them for the work they do… we need them here as much or more than we need doctors.

Appreciate your prayers for us in this matter.  When it comes to fruition it will be such a blessing and fulfilled vision of mine.

In Christ Dennis McCutcheon

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  1. 23/09/2011 08:14

    If indeed you have a heart for helping the people in Jamaica, please contact Diane Pollard at the Issa Trust Foundation at


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