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Abiding Life Ministries International (ALMI)


was in Guatemala last week.  Mike Wells once made belts in Woody’s leather shop back in their hippie days.  He listened to the Bible through ear phones and got through the Bible each week!  Mike and Raimundo Ericson and their wives came to Guatemala to teach The Abiding Life in Christ.  Contacts through El Barios for Christ, Guatemalan Bible Society, and the International Bible Society (most after their arrival) put them in several churches, before prison chaplains and administrators, in prison and on Christian radio where they received questions from several states in the USA and other countries!!!  In opposition to much of the heresy we have today, Mike preaches that to know and be known by Christ you will be called to a fellowship of suffering.  Abiding Life is life in the Vine (John 15).  Christ bears us up, gives us life  and we are His.  He is God and we His Bride can only bear fruit by abiding in Him.  We do not mold Him into little mini-me’s to make us healthy and wealthy.  Woody invited Mike and Raimundo ALMI, to Guatemala, they came and we at Vine got out of their way.

Being on the ground here, Cindy and I tried to set up some projects for them but were frustrated at many points.  But once they were here and we got Raimundo on the phone, it was clear God had a schedule in mind and different from mine.  The only event I was able to set up was with Pastor Ignacio/El Barrios for Christ.  Ignacio invited Mike to speak to the prison chaplains and one prison for one visit.  But once Mike shared Jesus, the prison invited him back to teach their staff.  International Bible Society got them into the indigenous church and on the radio.  They are invited back next year for two pastor conferences.  We will get them into the rehabilitation hospital, Hospital Espiritu Santo (the Holy Ghost Hospital) to share the Abiding Life principles.

Speaking of the Holy Ghost Hospital, Cindy and I were guided there by one of the staff (don’t think I could find it again – wow!).  When we got there the singing was already going on and the sanctuary was full of over 130 men singing praises to our LORD.  We stood in the back with Stephanie Hawley one of our favorite missionary friends in Guatemala.  We were given a blessed opportunity to pray with these men and to speak from the Word to them.  What a joy.  We dedicated their clinic – an honor undeserved.  Pat Rimke and his group Wheels of Hope donated the beds, other contributors gave material support for the clinic, Vine International provided the shipping.  So when Cindy and I cut the ribbon it was for all of you who support us and the work of Vine.  One of my favorite photos is of the tile floor between a brothers feet.  Tears and a transformed life… what a blessing Jesus is to us.  Dead in our sins, He took our shame and gives us life in its place.  Yet the truth is He bids us come and die to ourselves daily.

Vine is committed to help this clinic continue to serve these who come addicted and spend time in God’s Word and time in prayer.  Being counseled and discipled for as long as it takes.  Then leaving delivered.  This program has a high success rate.  We are honored to be a small part.  Next year in July we are going to put the Abiding Life team with the team at Hospital Espiritu Santo and get out of the way again and see what our LORD will do.

In closing, there is a benefit concert for Vine International coming up.  It is in eastern North Carolina close to Greenville (NORTH not South).  Bebo Norman a Dove Award winner and Christian songster has volunteered an evening for us.  We estimate for every dollar raised in support we place forty dollars worth of medical materials in the hands of doctors and nurses caring for the poor in Guatemala.  Tickets are 10 dollars in advance and 15 dollars at the door.  Woody Woodson  our boss will be there and he is almost as famous as Bebo Norman, just not as good looking.  Tickets are being sold locally at the Light Christian Bookstore, 2803 S. Evans St., Greenville, NC 27834 ph.(252) 756-0777 and Ayden Bible and Bookstore, 3928 Lee St., Ayden, NC 28513 ph. (252) 746-6128…

Let me know if you go or send some family or friends.  We thank you for your support and keeping us here in Guatemala.

In Christ

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon  email

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