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Pray for Guatemala, please.

Couple of quick notes.  We are under a stalled storm that is DUMPING water on us.  This note in quotes from one of our ‘clients’ at the warehouse.
“All of you, in your churches take some time and interceed for our dear nation Guatemala we are bleeding! hurting!the interior is DESTROYED,children,older people,their little schacks gone!floodings all over!!WE CRY OUT FOR YOUR MERCY LORD!!!”  Ilse Chambers

We are soaked here and seeing numerous small landslides on the roads in our area but it is much worse north in the Peten and in the highlands and on the Pacific coast.  Hospital Shalom in the Peten (some of you have been there) has put their furniture up on blocks in the house because the water is at the threshold of the door.  The hospital remains in service but there is obvious concern.  Hope many on you get this before church services today and please ask your pastors and fellow Christians to pray for relief from the rains.  We would love to see some blue sky and sunshine.  There is much room for ministry in times like these.

The national hospital system is in dismal array.  Some areas the staff has not been pain in months and some are reporting not even aspirin in their pharmacies.  So pray for our ability to respond in this crisis too.

Thank you, In Christ – Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. Lisa Jackson permalink
    17/10/2011 03:29

    Praying for the rain to ease and the flooding to go down!


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