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Wish you could have been in our warehouse today.


Chuck and Ilse Chambers of New Hope Ministries came to the bodega today.  But wait we need to back up.  There was a container of wheelchairs from Wheels of Hope in Ohio ( about three weeks ago and in that container were two specialty wheelchairs.  Cindy gave away one and I hid the other telling her that this needed to go to a special kid.  Today, all the wheelchairs are gone except this one.  Well Chuck and Ilse get their cart and we go down the aisles picking out medicines and dressing supplies that they can use for the kids they minister to.  We get to the aisle with the rolling walkers and where the wheelchairs used to be… Chuck asks for a wheelchair, but explains that a regular chair is not going to work.  This child is carried by his mother and he can’t flex enough to sit up in a standard chair… Cindy looked at me and I raised my hand to Chuck and Ilse, I had heard enough to know where this last chair was to go.

We pulled that chair out of the box and showed the Chambers how to work the back and the feet.  He raised his hands to heaven four or five times before we got that thing in the car.  We all praised the LORD and we all firmly believe in God’s timing.

This is common here.  Jim Moore once asked me why he did not get as excited as the doctor that just found on the bench at Jim’s ministry what he could not find any where else.  I told Jim we work where the miraculous is common place.  My friend Jim and I still get charged up working where the LORD has placed us.  We see God at work everyday.

I often tell people our bodega is just a warehouse, but you know some days it is holy ground.  Sure wish you could have been in our warehouse today.

In Christ

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. David Russell permalink
    28/10/2011 14:30

    There is nothing…I repeat, NOTHING that beats such a moment as that. Thank you guys for being vessels of blessings at your end of the pipeline.


    • 28/10/2011 16:47

      Thank you brother for the kind words. We always feel like we are cheating Bruce and Woody out of some of the joy, because we get to see the face, hear the voice, and are touched by the tears. Notes like this are encouraging as it let’s us know someone is reading!!! In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon


  2. 26/04/2012 19:46

    Dennis this is just wonder-full! I’ll be sharing this on facebook and will also go back and link from the blog. I know that holy-ground feeling. You nailed it!



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